Potential ruling could legalize hunting whales

Whale hunting could become legal again

Whale hunting could become legal again

In what could be a devastating environmental decision, the International Whaling Commission may decide to allow whale hunting to become legal again.

A moratorium on conmercial whale hunting has been in place since 1986, although several countries have been allowed to hunt them under the guise of “research”.

The newly drafted Consensus Decision by the Small Working Group on the Future of IWC would let countries that currently hunt whales under the existing treaty’s “research” provision to hunt them under this new ruling. The countries this would cover include Japan (currently the most notable offender), Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, which kill a combined total of 1,500 whales a year. Whaling by indigenous groups would be allowed to continue.

It’s a telling tale when a world organization charged with protecting a threatened species opts for a compromise that would push that threat even deeper rather than take a firm stand in the face of disagreement.

For more on this story, go to http://3.ly/mpv.

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