Travel-sized necessities go Green

The Eco-Traveler Gift Box -green all the way through

The Eco-Traveler Gift Box -green all the way through

To satisfy consumer demand, manufacturers have created small, travel-size versions of our favorite products. At the same time, Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour! It’s an environmental scourge – harmful to wildlife, threatening our oceans and marine life, and scientists believe it will take hundreds of years to degrade.

Los Angeles-based Minimus recently introduced its Eco-Traveler Gift set, packed to the gills with an array of small-sized products. Yet almost everything in this gift box is eco-friendly – either reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or it uses paper made and certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

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Tetley: 100% Rainforest Certified by 2016

Tetley 1The world’s second largest tea company, Tetley Tea, announced it will source all its tea from Rainforest Alliance certified farms by 2016.

Rainforest AllianceThe Rainforest Alliance currently has 215,000 acres of Rainforest Alliance-certified farms in Kenya, Tanzania, Argentina, India and Indonesia. This New York based non-profit certifies farms around the world that meet the specific environmental, social and economic standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network. Standards include worker rights and safety, water and soil conservation, wildlife protection, and legal wages.

One of the Tata Beverage Group’s main brands, Tetley sells black, green, red, flavored and decaffeinated teas, and has a presence in 70 countries. Their first certified products will hit the UK foodservice sector this April and Canada by early 2011. Rainforest Alliance Certified Tetley tea will branch out to the United States, Australia and mainland Europe in 2012.

Australia sets deadline for Japan to stop killing whales

Whale 1Australia has stepped up in the quest to stop Japanese whaling practices.

Australia’s Prime Minister Rudd has set a November deadline for Japan to cease its whaling program – done, Japan says, in the name of “research” – which slaughters hundreds of whales in the waters of Antarctica. If Japan disregards this warning, Rudd says “we will initiate court action before the commencement of the whaling season in November 2010.”

Rudd’s notice came the day before the arrival of Japan’s Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada. It’s anticipated that whaling will be a key component of the meetings with Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith this weekend.

WhalingThough whaling is conducted in international waters, it’s usually done in close proximity to Australia’s maritime rescue zone and Canberra considers it a whale sanctuary.

According to a report by Don Rothwell, international law professor at the Australian National University who was commissioned by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2005 to explore Australia’s legal options in its fight to end whaling, Australia could request the courts grant an immediate injunction requiring Japan to stop whaling.

The courts would likely grant the injunction, which would remain in place until the matter was resolved. This would at least temporarily stop Japanese whaling, though it’s unclear if the Japanese whalers would honor the injunction.

Meanwhile the Sea Shepherd and its crew continue to clash with Japanese whalers in their attempts to halt the whale killings.

Millions of pounds of commercial flooring diverted from landfills

CarpetLast year Resource Commercial Flooring Network members diverted an astonishing 6.8 million pounds of carpet and carpet waste from landfills.

By reducing and sometimes eliminating waste in carpet projects, through their ReSource initiative, Ecolect™ (their national material collection and recycle program), members promote sustainable business practices. They recommend effective, sustainable methods for reclaiming material, diverting it from landfills across the country. 

ReSource members diverted 1.7 million pounds of carpet waste from landfills in 2008. This year´s goal is 5 million pounds. Given what they accomplished in 2009, that goal definitely needs to be raised!

An eco-friendly Rechargeable Battery that's ahead of the pack

PowerGenix 1a

Rechargeable batteries have been around for years. We often have a love-hate relationship with them, mainly because:

  • they’re usually expensive
  • but they last a lot longer

Now there’s a rechargeable battery that meets both those challenges. The PowerGenix NiZn rechargeable battery is moderately priced, is long lasting and is recyclable too.

Check out what this new rechargeable has to offer – and get acquainted with my newest online column at Conducive Chronicle and find out what a difference this green device can make.

Chocolate Valentine’s for your Sweetie

You know you had a great reason.

You’ve been swamped at work. You’re worried about your job, your boss, the economy…AND you forgot that today’s Valentine’s Day!

I may have something that will get you back in your sweetheart’s good graces – and it’s even eco-friendly!

If your sweetie likes chocolate – and almost everybody does – the Midnight Crunch bar is sure to mend all hurt feelings. To say it’s delicious is a pale understatement. Made from Fair Trade dark chocolate with quinoa (that’s keen’ wah) sprinkles, eating it is a sensual savoring EXPERIENCE.

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From recycling to art

Reversible Heart PendantFor yet another Valentine’s Day idea, check out Artful Home’s website. Filled with direct-from-the-artist jewelry, decor and a variety of other unique items, you’re bound to find something to make your sweetheart smile.

I was able to view their “Reversible 3D Tin Heart Necklace”  This delicate looking heart pendant stands out.  With different colors and colors and designs on each side and a vintage look, artist Beth Taylor made it from recycled tin cans. It comes on a silver link chain.

Each creation of this pendant is custom-made so colors may vary. Retailing for $68.00. It’s just one of a number of products Artful Home’s 1,000 artists create from recycled materials. A perfect green gift for your Valentine!