Ford Cuts Energy Costs by $1.2M by turning off PC's!

Ford Motor Co.Electronics are notorious for energy “leaks”. Ford Motor Company is discoveing just how much energy they’ve been wasting when they implemented their new PC Power Management program. The company anticipates it will save $1.2 million when the system is fully implemented. It also expects to reduce its carbon footprint by 16,000-25,000 metric tons annually.

ComputerUnder this new program, power settings on Windows laptops and desktop computers are controlled centrally. This reduces energy waste and allows for optimizing software updates. Shutting down computers that aren’t in use – nighttimes and weekends – also helps reduce weated energy.

Computers will, however, be “awake”, connected to Ford’s intranet so as to be able to receive system updates and software upgrades during off hours.

PC Power Management is being rolled out to Ford”s U.S.-based computer users this month and expanded to Ford operations around the world later in the year.

Ford Lincolm Mercury logoFord’s U.S. facilities have increased their energy efficiency by almost 35 percent since the year 2000. The company is urging their Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions at their facilities, encouraging employees and customers to do the same, as part of their commitment to sustainability and to the Energy Star program.

All this from just turning off those computers! Now what about turning off all those lights?


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