Starbucks' shareholders nix added recycling

StarbucksAt their recent annual shareholder meeting, Starbucks shareholders voted down a measure that would have increased recycling at stores nationwide.

Proposed by one of the shareholders, the failed measure did garner 11 percent approval from the shareholder body.

Similar proposals were put before Coca Cola and PepsiCo. Though each won only 10 percent approval, both companies have since announced major recycling initiatives.

Starbucks.2With the Starbucks proposal, the company recommended shareholders vote against the measure, saying it already had a recycling strategy. Their cups already contain 10 percent post-consumer recycled fiber and are also recyclable and compostable in some parts of the country.

That said, many of its stores do not have recycle and compost bins even where waste companies offer those services.

So how green is Starbucks really? Without recycling bins to encourage customers on a regular basis to be responsible with recyclable products, seems like their recycling measures are only going half-steam at best.