Washington businesswoman recycles styrofoam

Styrofoam 2Marilyn Lauderdale, owner of V&G Styro Recycle is making a difference. Her Renton , Washington company does what few others do – accepts styrofoam and recycles it.

Joining the ranks of Dart Container Corp., about whom I’ve written several times, this company is filling a growing need, taking leftover styrofoam packing from electronics, appliances and and other #6 or EPS-filled packages companies and individuals regularly go through. Lauderdale utilizes a machine that conveys the used styrofoam packing into a grinder that then twists it into a taffy consistency. This is then dumped into containers where it’s compressed and shaped into 40-pound ingots that can then be used for new packaging for electronics and other items.

Styrofoam 1Lauderdale’s company serves three segments:

  • home owners and small businesses with small amounts of clean styrofoam
  • businesses with larger regular amounts of styrofoam and can sign up for frequent pick-up
  • hospitals that need a daily or weekly scheduled
    fee based pick-up and clean up service in their facility

After only a year in operation, this company has, through its recycling efforts, diverted over 120,000 pounds of styrofoam from the landfill!

Let’s hope that this is the start of more entrepreneurs heading in this direction. Who says things can’t be recycled? It just takes a creative and committed person to change the rules.

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