Ban on dishwasher detergents with high phosphates to begin July 1st


Beginning July 1st, it will be illegal for retailers to sell high phosphate dishwasher detergent in sixteen states. The new phosphate limit of 0.5 percent phosphorus by weight only applies to non-commercial dishwasher detergents. 

A ban on phosphates had been in the works in a number of states since 2008, to give detergent companies time to develop effective dishwashing alternatives. 

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Earth Creations offer eco-friendly fashion

Earth Creations makes sustainable clothing with no harsh chemicals


Approximately one-third of a pound of chemicals are used to grow the cotton in one t-shirt. There are an array of harsh chemicals that are used throughout the garment manufacturing process, most of which are toxic to humans. These include chlorine, sodium hydroxide, heavy metal salts and formaldehyde. Residuals of these toxins stay in the fabric. They also find their way into wastewater systems, particularly in developing countries.     

Many dyes that are excluded from the Organic Standards contain toxic components, said Martin Ledvina, co-founder of Earth Creations, Inc. Most conventional dyes don’t comply with EPA regulations so they’re sent overseas. The products that use these dyes, often made in sweatshops, make their way back here.     

Earth Creations makes fashionable sustainable clothing from materials like hemp and organic cotton, using natural clay-based dyes and others that have a low impact on the environment.     

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Electrolux to recycle from the Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is filled with plastics Electrolux plans to recycle


Vacumn giant Electrolux has announced plans to collect and recycle plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The company says project Vac from the Sea makes sense since there’s not enough  recycled plastic on land to fill consumer demand, so they plan to use the scooped-up plastic and recycle it into appliances like their vacuum cleaners.This first-of-its kind venture is both visionary and fraught with challenges

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Green on the airwaves

Eco Trends logo

If you haven’t heard of it, take a listen to Eco Trends.

It’s a new radio feature that discusses the newest, innovative eco-friendly consumer products on the market. You can hear this fun, informative radio spot can be live or archived online every Tuesday and Thursday around 3:20pm Pacific.

Check it, then spread the word!

Deep water drilling – it's what's behind the scenes that counts

Underwater view of oil gushing after the temporary cap broke at BP's rig

Underwater view of oil gushing after the temporary cap broke at BP's rig

On the heels of the news that the cap that had been placed on BP’s gusher in the Gulf of Mexico had been broken by an underwater robot comes an even more fascinating revelation.

The Louisiana judge that had tossed out the moratorium on new offshore exploration and further deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf has extensive investments in the oil and gas industry.

U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman reported these holdings in financial disclosure reports in 2008.

Turns out the judge owns stock in Tranocean, which owns the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and is the world’s largest offshore drilling company. Along with the $15,000 worth of stock, Judge Feldman also recently owned stock in oil industry corporations including  Halliburton, Prospect Energy, Hercules Offshore, Parker Drilling Co., and ATP Oil & Gas. 

And then there’s the one about a certain percentage of Congress who’s portfolios are chock full of oil industry investments and who, not surprisingly, are in favor of continuing deepwater drilling.

Has anyone heard the phrase “conflict of interest”? Apparently not.

Innovative Water Wand makes tap water healthier

Water-In-Human-BodyThe human body consists of 75 percent water, though babies are over 90 percent. The amount and quality of the water we drink daily has a profound effect on our health and well-being. 

Over the past 15 years, the purity of the drinking water has improved in the US. But a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) shows tap water is getting worse, due in large part to old pipes that can leach contaminants and breed bacteria, weakened legislative water protections. delayed or weakened standards of levels of contaminants and/or the elimination of water protection programs. 

The government allows a percentage of contaminants in our tap water, which almost none of the water filters available on the market today – from the moderately priced to the more expensive ones – completely filter out. 

The Water Wand, a compact personal water filter made of high-grade stainless steel, is about to change that. 

The Water Wand infuses tap water with the best qualities of pure mountain spring water

The Water Wand infuses tap water with the best qualities of pure mountain spring water


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Samsung to launch trial "mail back" mobile phone program

Samsung-Seek2Giant electronics manufacturer Samsung has announced they will launch a trial mail-back program with the introduction of their new Seek® mobile phone.

These fun colored pink or blue mobile phones will come a uniquely designed postage-paid box that customers can use to send back their older mobile devices, data cards, batteries and accessories. The company plans to do a comparison between the rate of return of the new box and that of their traditional mail-back program for their other electronics.

Samsung-Seek1It’s another step forward toward product responsibility, one I hope other manufacturers will get on board with soon.