Eco-friendly baby carriers with flair

Belle Baby Carrier 1Babywearting – carrying an infant or toddler in a cloth sling or carrier – has been practiced by mothers across the globe for centuries. 

Young children who are carried this way reap impressive benefits. Evidence shows it helps accelerate their ability to learn, they feel more secure and safe, they cry less and they’re calmer. Moms report they feel more in tune with their babies too, and are more easily able to anticipate their child’s needs.

Until recently,however,  fashion and ergonomics weren’t part of this equation.

Enter Belle Baby Carriers in Colorado who, since 2007, has been offering moms – and dads – stylish, comfortable and ergonomic baby carriers.

The design is streamlined for comfort,” says Belle Baby’s Sales and Marketing Director Julianne Pearce.

The carriers were designed by two dads who, as engineers, had designed mountain gear like backpacks and rock climbing equipment. Not satisfied with the carriers on the market, they created the simple design that became the Belle Baby Carrier.

Belle Baby carriers distribute weight evenly, making them comfortable for Moms too

Belle Baby carriers distribute weight evenly, making them comfortable for Moms too

Its ergonomic waist belt makes the carrier as comfortable as possible, says Pearce. It distributes the baby’s weight unlike other carriers. Fifty percent of its weight rests on the parent’s hips or waist while the other fifty percent is evenly distributed between each shoulder. Babies can face in or out and be comfortable. 

“This (carrier) has been endorsed by a pediatrician whose patients have commented on how comfortable it is and what a difference it’s made for them,” Pearce said.

Made to carry babies 8 to 30 pounds, Belle Baby Carriers have style, says Pearce. There are five Organics and seven polyester-blend fabric choices to choose from. They also feature a new detachable head support panel, perfect for young infants. 

On the non-organic side, one carrier deserves a special mention. The Orange Blossom carrieris made from a cute, upholstery-grade, microsuede embroidered fabric with, says the company, “dark brown teddy bear fur” for its inside liner. 

Two of the Organics stand out.

The Organic Denim baby carrier is made from an certified organic cotton – organic hemp blend. Its outer denim panel is made of 77% hemp and 23% recycled environmental polyester. 

Belle Baby Carrier 2

Baby Belle Organic Sand Earth carrier

byTheir Organic Earth carrier, introduced in April. resulted from customers requesting an all-natural, un-dyed interior fabric.

This carrier was featured in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine’s April “Eco-friendly” issue, and was selected one of Baby Talk magazine’s favorite “Eco Chic” baby carriers. It will be featured in Kiwi Magazine’s June-July issue.

All Belle Baby Carriers are hand or machine washable in cold water with a gentle detergent made for baby clothes. Hang rather than machine dry.

Many celebrities have discovered these amazingly simple baby carriers, including Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba.

Belle Baby Carriers are available online and at retailers across the country.

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  2. If you are going to be picking up a baby carrier for yourself or a friend, you should definitely consider one made organically. Organic fabrics will help your baby avoid the poisonous chemicals and pesticides that are often ingrained in non-organic fabrics. Babies are always touching, licking, sucking and biting whatever they can get their hands on. The last thing you want is to have your little sucking on fabrics that could potentially impact their health. If you are looking for organic baby carriers, Belle Baby is a great product. You can also google around for other stores and manufacturers. A site that has a number of organic baby carrier options is Best of luck!

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