Innovative Water Wand makes tap water healthier

Water-In-Human-BodyThe human body consists of 75 percent water, though babies are over 90 percent. The amount and quality of the water we drink daily has a profound effect on our health and well-being. 

Over the past 15 years, the purity of the drinking water has improved in the US. But a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) shows tap water is getting worse, due in large part to old pipes that can leach contaminants and breed bacteria, weakened legislative water protections. delayed or weakened standards of levels of contaminants and/or the elimination of water protection programs. 

The government allows a percentage of contaminants in our tap water, which almost none of the water filters available on the market today – from the moderately priced to the more expensive ones – completely filter out. 

The Water Wand, a compact personal water filter made of high-grade stainless steel, is about to change that. 

The Water Wand infuses tap water with the best qualities of pure mountain spring water

The Water Wand infuses tap water with the best qualities of pure mountain spring water


In third party testing, the Water Wand was found to eliminate hazardous chemicals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and chromium. Utilizing bioceramics, which uses bio-mimicry to help replace the body’s own materials, this device transforms tap or bottle water into antioxidant alkaline drinking water by changing the structure and the molecules of the water. 

Approved by the FDA and the Water Quality Association, the Water Wand “spreads green chemistry in your bottle,” says Oona Mourier, PhD. and President of AvantGarde Wellness, which produces the Water Wand. 

Mourier came across this technology in 2009 after being diagnosed with brain cancer attributed to her cellular phone use. Researching this innovative technology, she learned of a Japanese study where rats injected with cancer had been given water infused by the Wand. The study showed a remarkable 60 percent improvement rate from the cancer. 

Mourier says this slim gadget helps effectively hydrate your body’s cells, changing your body’s ph balance to a healthier, less acidic level, helping to flush harmful toxins from your system. 

Having been in the medical profession for over 35 years, she finds water to be “an amazing medicine.” 

Mourier says water infused by the Water Wand emulates the best qualities of top quality mountain spring water, helping to create the healthiest, most vital healing water possible. 

This Wand is a moderately priced, effective alternative to even the most expensive Ionizer. 

It’s simple to use. Fill your water bottle or a one-gallon bottle with tap water, then carefully drop the Water Wand in it. Leave it for at least 15 minutes. As it works, you may see a stream of bubbles, depending on the quality of the water. In my test, I saw very few bubbles, which, Mourier said, indicates good quality water. 

Leave the wand in after using it. Just refill when needed, let sit, then enjoy really good tasting water. 

Water Wand "tea bags" are perfect for larger sized water containers

Water Wand "tea bags" are perfect for larger sized water containers


AvantGarde is introducing a newer version of the Wand perfect for larger three-gallon or larger water bottles or ceramic containers. Designed for slower release in larger amounts of water, use two of these tea bag-shaped “wands” at one time. 

The steel-based Water Wand lasts approximately six months. The tea bags are good for 4 months. 

The difference, said Mourier, is that “with the tea bag size, you can’t fill your bottle wherever you go.” 

The slim Water Wand retails for $129. The tea-bag versions are $20 each or $30 for two. 

AvantGarde will soon introduce their Water Wand-enabled showerhead. Able to attach directly to the shower pipe, this neat device has a cartridge that allows it to remove chlorine from water, making for a much healthier shower. 

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One Response

  1. Hi.

    I’ve read your article. Tap water’s main advantages are availability, cost (it’s more or less free of cost) and fact that it’s environment friendly (no transport, no plastic bottle producing, no distribution, no water). Disadvantage: it contains chemicals that provide drinkability. So it can be genotoxic, the level of it can increase with old or bad pipes etc.

    On the other hand all types of water (even natural spring and mineral) contain chemical substances which despite very low levels harm human’s health. So reducing the level of genotoxic materials is essential.

    You might want to check unique bottle available in UK now, called Flaska. This glass bottle is programmed meaning that the information imprinted into the glass changes water’s structure and surface tension and thus lowers genotoxicity.

    And you need no filters therefore no eextra cost!

    Kind regards!

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