Earth Creations offer eco-friendly fashion

Earth Creations makes sustainable clothing with no harsh chemicals


Approximately one-third of a pound of chemicals are used to grow the cotton in one t-shirt. There are an array of harsh chemicals that are used throughout the garment manufacturing process, most of which are toxic to humans. These include chlorine, sodium hydroxide, heavy metal salts and formaldehyde. Residuals of these toxins stay in the fabric. They also find their way into wastewater systems, particularly in developing countries.     

Many dyes that are excluded from the Organic Standards contain toxic components, said Martin Ledvina, co-founder of Earth Creations, Inc. Most conventional dyes don’t comply with EPA regulations so they’re sent overseas. The products that use these dyes, often made in sweatshops, make their way back here.     

Earth Creations makes fashionable sustainable clothing from materials like hemp and organic cotton, using natural clay-based dyes and others that have a low impact on the environment.     

Earth Creations uses no artificially-produced chemicals dyestuffs or heavy salts that could harm the environment.     

Dyeing with clay is a centuries old method used by Native Americans for generations, as well as in Colonial times in the making of quilts.      

Red clay from Alabama - a centuries old natural dye


The idea for clay-dyed clothing came after a mountain bike ride company co-founder Joy Maples rode after a rainstorm. Her clothes got splashed with clay.     

“I inadvertently dyed my shirt,” she said. After five or six years, it’s still stained.     

Ledvina, a chemical engineer, was intrigued.     

After researching techniques to create a process that bonded the clay to fabric, he found a formula that combined a biodegradable binder material with vinegar.     

“It took a lot of effort and experimenting and it destroyed the washing machine,” he laughed.     

This new proprietary technology is what makes Earth Creations clothing so durable and soft.      

The Infinity Dress - versatile and buttery soft


“It’s long lasting (and) fashionable,” said Maples. “It is a quality product (that’s) made in the USA.”     

Earth Creations offers organic t-shirts for men, women and young children. For infants ages six, twelve and twenty four months and up to a 2T for older babies, they have a line of snappies with or without fun designs on them.     

They’ve also created a line of stylish women’s casual wear. I checked out their Infinity dress – a buttery soft material of muted earth tones that transforms from a dress to a skirt for four different and form-flattering looks.     

Earth Creations clothing is affordably priced, especially for the quality of their products, says Mary Jane Eidman, owner of Discover Earth boutique in Red Bluff, California. She carry their dresses, blouses, and mens and womens t-shirts in both organic cotton and hemp.     

“We researched organic hemp sources and found Earth Creations was the highest quality products we could find,” Eidman said.     

“They’re extremely durable,” she says. And, “the more you wash them, the softer they get.”     

“It’s a sustainable product,” says Maples, “not only on the outside but the inside.”     

Eco Sprouts - a sustainable, eco-friendly fundraising program


That thinking had Maples and Ledvina establish Eco Sprouts, a fundraising program available to schools, church youth groups, libraries and others. Earth Creations provides custom design shirts for the kids to sell door to door.     

“They’re selling something sustainable,” said Maples. “We have to teach children from the beginning.”     

Participating groups keep 45% of the profits from sales. They receive a clay dyeing kit to help the kids learn what’s involved in dyeing clothes and they get a tree to plant on school grounds.     

To learn about Eco Sprouts, go to     

You can find Earth Creations clothing at a number of small retail shops or online to

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