Sustainable agriculture group asks Congress to act on climate change legislation

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition joined seventy-six other sustainable agriculture and environmental groups to urge Congress to pass climate change legislation during this current congressional session. 

In a letter delivered today to the US Senate, the Coalition said any climate change and energy legislation “must include measures to increase the use of sustainable and organic farming systems to increase the ability of our nation’s agricultural soils to sequester large amounts of carbon.” These systems would, the group said, improve the soil, lower farmers’ contribution to greenhouse gas levels and help farmers adapt to and survive rapid changes in climate. 

The letter stated: “”Agriculture is uniquely vulnerable to climate change, and farmers and ranchers will be among the first impacted by increases in unpredictable weather events, rising temperatures and shifts in rainfall.” 

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition joined 76 other organizations to urge Congress to adopt climate change legislation


“Agriculture is,” the letter continued, “a key sector that has the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing additional environmental benefits.” 

The letter also suggested there should be support for the agricultural sector to move towards sustainable practices with scientifically proven climate benefits for mitigating emissions and adapting  agriculture to changing conditions. Such legislation would, the group said, help protect farmers and our nation’s food supply. 

The Coalition is a national alliance of family farm, food, conservation, rural and urban organizations that advocate for federal programs that support economic, social, and environmental sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities. 

Time will tell if the Senate, the more conservative and slower-to-act branch of the Congress, will heed these requests in this session or whether they’ll put it on the back burner. 






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