Senate fails to take on climate change legislation

Party lines seem more important to US Senators than climate change

In what can only be seen as a major failure on the part of our country’s top politicians to put the welfare of their constituents ahead of their own interests, the U.S. Senate has allowed a majority of its members to block that august body from taking up a comprehensive  clean energy and climate change bill.

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) announced that Democrats failed to gain the votes necessary to break a filibuster. Republicans hold the majority in the Senate and none were willing to cross the line on this issue to give the Dems the 60 vote majority needed to bring the bill forward.

The Senate will instead focus on a more limited bill that will supposedly hold BP accountable for the Gulf oil spill, create clean energy jobs, lessen dependence on oil and invest in the Land and Water Conservation Fund. A crucial missing piece of that bill is the issue of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change. It’s a case of seeing the little picture but not the larger one.

So once again, our country’s leaders would rather spout rhetoric, hold onto party ideology and spend their time focusing on issues that, while important, could well be incorporated into a larger, even more critical piece of legislation with global ramifications. Seems our leaders can only work on the small stuff while pandering to lobbyists who will gladly help line someone’s coffers if they only sidestep what the public keeps asking their leaders for.

Remember the song in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas where the governor sings

“Ooh, I love to dance the little sidestep / Now they see me, now they don’t / I’ve come and gone / And ooh, I love to sweep around a wide step / Cut a little swath / And lead the people on!”

Seems that applies to our Congress as well.

And so it goes.

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