A Rechargable Battery that makes that "bunny" jealous

Eneloop Rechargeable batteryRemember the last time you went to get a battery you’d stored, only to find it didn’t work? The bunny that “keeps going and going” may have met its match. Sanyo’s Eneloop Rechargable battery changes what we think we know about rechargeables.  

According to Consumersearch.com, “Sanyo eneloop rechargeable batteries are recommended in more reviews than any other brand.” It’s easy to see why. 

The Eneloop recharges up to 1000 times, unheard of for other rechargables. Eneloop comes fully charged.Other rechargeables need charging up to seven hours prior to first use. 

Best of all, they keep their charge. The consistent problem with most  rechargeables is they lose their charge – about 1% per day. Not the Eneloop. It will hold up to 85 percent of its charge for over one year. A standard rechargeable is completely dead by then. 

We use around 40 billion batteries per year around the world – 3½ billion per year in the US alone. Most end up in the landfills or aquifers. Another cool feature of the Eneloop is it’s recycleable at end-0f-life.  

“It’s a great innovation,” says Michael Grossman, owner of My Green Mind company.  

Eneloop holds up well in low temps, and has all kind of uses – for remote controls, flashlights, radios or any device that takes an alkaline battery, says Grossman.

Want more innovation?  A really cool feature is the “shell” the Eneloop comes with. Drop those C or D batteries in to recharge. BUT drop AA or AAA in one and it will charge them right up. Pretty cool! 

The Eneloop isn’t a lithium battery. It’s nickel metal hydride battery (NiMH). That means you can travel with them, even through airport security. 

“People need to take a fresh look at the whole idea of rechargeable batteries,” says Grossman.  

“You’re getting a pretty powerful battery,” he says. 

Because these have minimal fade, the Eneloop can be used in long-range items like smoke detectors or house alarm systems, where you need a long-term battery you can count on.The Eneloop comes in a 4-pack – with or without a charger. Though a bit pricier, consider their longevity. Prices range from: 

  • $13.35 to $16.25 for a 4-pack
  • $23.95 with the charger
  • $ 9.25 for the converter pack / shell

The Eneloop is available at a number of online sites, including Amazon.com and MyGreenMind.com.

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