BuyBackWorld gives good prices for electronic gadgets

We all have them – unused, outdated electronic gadgets crammed into drawers, closets and garages. It’s an “out of sight, out of mind” story with an “I’ll get to it sometime” mindset. 

An online marketplace called BuyBackWorld is a great fit for all those once-loved “toys”. This site will help you score you some added cash, clear out those chock-full places and help the environment, all at the same time. 

BuyBackWorld’s tag line is “go green, get green” and the process isn’t hard to follow. Simply type in the name of the device you want to sell, then do a search. When it pops up, Then put in a description of the item to help them sell it. Include any accessories that you’ll add with it, then hit “Calculate” and zap! You’ve got the price it’s worth and you’re almost finished. 

BuyBackWorld's an easy way to get rid of those unused gadgets and earn cash too


It’s an easy way to get rid of clutter and get back some cash too. 

BuyBackWorld will send you a prepaid mailing label and a packing slip for the item(s) you list. Follow the instructions to pack it safely, then take it to be mailed. What could be easier? 

After receiving your package, BuyBackWorld inspects it, then issues you a check within 48 hours – through PayPal or by check. Any problems and they’ll contact you directly. 

So far, the site mainly takes cell phones but it’s likely it’ll be expanding into other electronic categories.  They even have a referral program that can have you earn extra $$ when friends sell their stuff on the site. 

All in all, this looks like a great way to clear the decks, get a little cash and keep electronics (and their toxic chemicals) out of our landfills. A triple win all around, I’d say.

5 Responses

  1. Mmmm good topics to conduct revegetation …. I also want to do it,hopefully others to follow and gain access of this site

    • Glad you like the site and the information. Always appreciate feedback – and do spread the word!

  2. Wow awesome site – I used it myself and received $100 for my broken and dead iphone 3GS. Highly recommended! I would have recycled it but what beats getting paid to help the environment.

  3. Buybackworld is an awful company! They took my phone and then claimed they didn’t receive it! I sent my iPhone 4 32gb in a couple of weeks ago in the packaging they provided. I included the original iPhone box and wrapped/sealed it really well. According to USPS it was received a week after I sent it. That same day I received an email saying my order was cancelled per my request. I thought it was a mistake so I kept checking the status of my order. A few days later it said cancelled. I started emailing the company over the next few days about this and received no response. Finally after the 3rd email they replied that my package was received empty in which they blamed me for mail fraud and told me if I contacted them again their legal department would take action. First of all they do not have a phone number listed and secondly their live chat NEVER works! Also, the package was NOT empty! I contacted USPS to verify the package info. They stated the package was delivered unopened and not damaged (they scan the package if it was damaged or opened). I continued trying to contact the company and let them know this information. I never received a response. This was the WORST customer service experience I have ever had with a company! Now I’m out a phone (that I could have sold elsewhere) or $185 they had guaranteed me after inspection. DO NOT deal with this company, they are a SCAM! If for some reason you decide to make sure you get insurance on the package and take pics of the packaging process, etc. These people are rude, unprofessional and a SCAM!!!

    • Thanks for letting me and other readers know about this. It’s really helpful to discover when something like this happens and tell other consumers about it.

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