Heathrow Airport to recycle food waste into fertilizer

Food waste at Heathrow Airport will now be processed into nutrient-rich fertilizer for farms


If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all the left-over food at airports, it generally ends up in landfills. But a change is taking place that could start a trend in food recycling.  

London’s Heathrow Airport – which serves food to approximately 180,000 passengers a day, will gather all the food waste from its on-site cafes and restaurants  and send it to a recycling factory of Vertal in Mitcham, South London.  

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Solar panels can go east-west too!

This post is taken from an article by Anne Michelsen, freelance writer and co-owner of Performance Energy, Inc.

Can solar panels would work as well on an east – west facing rooftop?

The answer is, Yes, you can have solar on an east or west facing roof. However, it’s not ideal. East or west facing solar panels absorb about 80% of the solar energy as south facing panels. You can expect your system to cost somewhat more in this situation.

For more details on what you can do to optimize using this kind of solar panel system placement, check out http://3.ly/WCpT.

Treefrog’s tree-free paper – an eco-friendly alternative

Treefrog copy paper is 100% biodegradable and made without any wood products

Worldwide, the consumption of paper has grown 400 percent over the past forty years. Thirty five percent of all the trees harvested are used to manufacture paper.

“There’s a huge amount of rainforest lost every day to make paper,” said Michael Nilan, CEO of Treezero, Inc., an Atlanta-based company that sells a 100 percent tree-less paper called Treefrog.

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“Thanks, guys” to two great people and two great websites

Two great websites gave me “shout outs” today. If you aren’t familiar with the term, that means they gave me / this blog a nice mention that got seen by a bunch of folks online.

So let me return the favor.

Thanks to Nigel Powell, owner and guru par excellence of the Red Ferret Journal for the nice mention of my radio feature, Eco Trends. Red Ferret, by the way, is an awesome resource for the latest, innovative, fascinating sometime silly gadgets and tech from around the world. (For full disclosure, I’m R.F.’s Ecological Editor, so you’ll find some of my posts there too). It’s been going strong for years and is worth checking out.

Thanks also to Shane Shirley-Smith of the cool site Environmental Booty for her link to my recent post on their campaign Virtual Patriotic Bake Sale to Benefit our Soldier’s Kids! The site’s awesome and this a campaign everyone should take a minute to get involved with. You’ll get some scrumtious cookies and make some kids really happy at the same time. Now THAT”S a win-win!

Open Sky Project and environmental retailer team up to celebrate our youngest patriots

We civilians don’t generally think or remember that our military is made up of a lot of parents. While they’re overseas, their kids pay a price for that service. Their parents can’t attend kid-important events like birthdays, ball games or the birth of their newest child.

The Open Sky Project – an online platform for retailers to come together and share their passion, knowledge and expertise via an online “Main Street” consumers can trust – has teamed up with Army Wife Magazine, Beautiful Sweets and EnvironmentalBooty.com.  The result of this partnership is a celebration of all the kids of military families with their Cookies for the Ones They Love… a Made in America Bake Sale to Benefit Our Littlest of Patriots.

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Could bloggers be fee-d out of business?

An article posted today on the Philadelphia citipaper website presents a sobering and disquieting story about bloggers in the city of Brotherly Love being required to pay $300 for a business license in order to legally operate their blog. And that’s even if they don’t make any money from it!

Should this become a trend – for cash-strapped cities to want their “fair share” of this generally unlucretive venue – bloggers will be faced with perhaps their most challenging issue yet – pay and blog or find another avenue of self-expression. Let’s hope that with the already challenging economy and accompanying challenges so many of us face that this is merely a “blip” on the radar screen.

Ecogear’s latest in fashionable eco-friendly rolling bags

Ecogear's new eco-friendly line of rolling bags are designed to meet the needs of young kids


You’ve seen them all around airports – kids proudly pulling their own rolling carry-ons that come in all kinds of colors and patterns geared to appeal to the younger set. 

When it comes to being eco-friendly, though, most of them miss the mark. 

One company has taken this issue on, and done so with a style that even the youngest schoolchild will like. With its commitment to creating affordable,  environmentally-friendly bags, Ecogear has created a new line of rolling bags called EcoZoo

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Abe’s Market – an online family and eco-friendly place

Abe's Market offers a wide variety of natural and organic products from smaller, top quality retailers


Families looking for quality affordable, natural and organic products have plenty of options these days. But it’s often challenging to find the great products offered by smaller companies.  

Abe’s Market – an online marketplace for natural and organic products – provides an easy and affordable way to find what you’re looking for.  

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TerraCycle to be featured on National Geographic’s Garbage Moguls

New Jersey-based TerraCycle has gained a well-earned reputation for turning garbage into great new products. On Saturday, August 21st, National Geographic will feature this amazingly innovative company in their new series, Garbage Moguls.

The show will air three segments in which it follows the team of this innovative “repurposing” industry leader – “the coolest little start-up in American” (Inc. Magazine) – through their zany creative process to create products made completely out of trash.

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Watch out for BPA in those receipts you’re getting

Those innocent white receipts are really hazardous to your health


Almost every time you purchase something, the cashier hands you a little white receipt. I generally keep them to help when I do my taxes and, if you’re like me, there’s a small stack of them waiting for my attention. 

But maybe hanging onto them isn’t such a good idea, regardless of what the IRS says (okay, have tread carefully here). There have been a number of stories lately – in print, online and on the airwaves – about the growing concern of the effects of BPA (bisphenol-a), an estrogen-mimicking chemical linked to all kinds of medical issues

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