Now you can recycle that toothbrush too!

Made from recycled materials, Preserve toothbrushes are recyclable too

The list of things you can recycle keeps growing. Besides paper, glass and plastic water bottles, in many communities it includes batteries, DVDs, mattresses and compostable containers.

One thing I never thought of to recycle is the toothbrush. Yet a company called Preserve does just that. 

Founded in 1996, Preserve makes high quality products for the home-made from recycled #5 polypropylene plastic. 

The company began with the idea of a toothbrush made of recycled materials, says Preserve’s Product Development Manager and Sustainable Design Lead Christie Lee. 

The idea was to take an everyday item people use a lot, Lee said, like the toothbrush, which people generally around three times a year. 

The company has since branched out into other household items, including razors, tableware, cutting boards and food storage containers. 

“Everything we make is made of 100 percent recycled materials and also 100 percent recyclable,” said Lee. 

Preserve’s toothbrushes, which are BPA-free, sport handles made from recycled yogurt cups and new nylon bristles. 

The company began recycling toothbrushes from the very beginning. 

“We believe in producer responsibility and taking care of our products at their end-of-life,” said Lee. “It’s not only about getting the toothbrush in your hands,” she said, “it’s about what happens to it afterwords.” 

Preserve has used close to 100 tons of recycled #5 plastic to date, mainly from food packaging containers like yogurt cups, margarine containers and food take-out containers. Preserve accepts post-consumer and post-industrial recycled yogurt cups from Stoneyfield Farms. They also repurpose Britta Water filters and Tom’s of Maine deodorant containers. 

Last year, the company launched their Gimme 5 take-back program. They accept #5 products at any of over 220 Whole Foods stores and through their mail-in program. The material from the Gimme 5 program goes into making handles for Preserve’s razors and toothbrushes. 

Preserve will also accept all of their own products back for recycling in their drop-off bins or mailed back to them. Consumers can mail back any rigid-type #5 product as long as it’s clean. You can find the address by clicking on the “Recycling Information” tab on Preserve’s website. 

“We’ve created recycling options,” she said, “and taken responsibility for all our products. When (consumers) are done with them, we’re able to put them to another use.” 

You can find out more about Preserve’s recycled toothbrushes, about their recycling program and their other products that can help you green your lifestyle, visit Preserve’s website

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  1. Have you considered using glass straws? They’re super classy and toxin free. I’ve seen a few brands out there. my favorite is simply straws, i love the travel case each straw comes with

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