Seventh Generation teams up with Walmart

This week Walmart begins carrying Seventh Generation products in stores across the country


The announcement that Seventh Generation – a company known for high quality cleaning and household products – will now have their products carried at Walmart, the giant retailer with a mixed reputation for their sustainability and honest-t0-goodness organics, has caused a lot of conversation and some consternation. 

Seventh Generation founder Jeffrey Hollender has explained his reasoning behind the decision to partner with Walmart. 

As of today, Seventh Generation products will be featured in around 1,500 Walmart stores around the U.S. Sometime in the next month or so, they’ll be available at

According to Alberto Luis Dominguez, J.D., Walmart’s Vice President divisional merchandise manager of Household Paper Goods & Chemicals, the reasons behind the new partnership are: 

  • As part of Walmart’s broad goal to sell products that sustain people and the environment, we are always looking to expand our number of sustainable offerings.
  • Many times your harshest critic may be the most helpful voice you hear.

He goes on to say: 

“This partnership will allow Walmart to introduce more consumers to safe, effective and sustainable household products at affordable prices because we don’t believe customers should have to choose one over the other.” 

You can see more of Dominguez’s thoughts on this new venture, at

Time will tell if and how this influences Walmart’s future actions but one can only hope that this is the next step in their green evolution.

One Response

  1. Good move on Wal-Mart’s part – Stoneyfield was a similar move. The more Seventh Generation products are available, the more displacement of problematic cleaning products. While Wal-Mart is not perfect, they are continuing to take positive steps.

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