TerraCycle to be featured on National Geographic’s Garbage Moguls

New Jersey-based TerraCycle has gained a well-earned reputation for turning garbage into great new products. On Saturday, August 21st, National Geographic will feature this amazingly innovative company in their new series, Garbage Moguls.

The show will air three segments in which it follows the team of this innovative “repurposing” industry leader – “the coolest little start-up in American” (Inc. Magazine) – through their zany creative process to create products made completely out of trash.

Led by Princeton University drop-out and worm poop connoisseur Tom Szaky, the show follows these “eco-capitalists” as they brainstorm, argue over, go dumpster diving for, and eventually create new products that help solve America’s waste problem.

The three episodes include: 

 Garbage Moguls: Pet Project  Saturday, August 21 at 8 PM ET/PT

 Pedigree has challenged the TerraCycle team to create an entire line of pet products made from dog food bags in just two weeks. From leashes and collars to doggie rain hats and octopus toys, the team crashes on developing, creating, testing and then pitching the goods.

Garbage Moguls: Fishy Business  Saturday, August 21 at 9 PM ET/PT

The TerraCycle team develops the “Garbage Garbage Can” ― a garbage can made from chip wrappers that is less expensive and just as strong as commercial plastic cans ― they pitch to Home Depot. Additionally, they design, create and use fishing lures made from old CDs, then test their product on the open seas. 

Garbage Moguls: All-Nighter  Saturday, August 21 at 10 PM ET/PT

Multitasking at its finest — the TerraCycle team renovates, designs, stocks and opens a storefront for business … in one night! Back at the office, there’s no rest for the weary, as Tom tasks his crew to create an entire line of products, including a suit jacket, made from Target plastic bags!

National Geographic cameras follow the TerraCycle team through what it takes to create new products from waste – from the landfill to the retailer.

You’ll want to watch this amazing series. It’s a great program to share with your kids too!  It’s on Saturday night, August 21st, starting at 8pm ET / PT


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