Abe’s Market – an online family and eco-friendly place

Abe's Market offers a wide variety of natural and organic products from smaller, top quality retailers


Families looking for quality affordable, natural and organic products have plenty of options these days. But it’s often challenging to find the great products offered by smaller companies.  

Abe’s Market – an online marketplace for natural and organic products – provides an easy and affordable way to find what you’re looking for.  

Featured in the New York Times, Parents Magazine and on Fox Business, since last October Abe’s Market has been taking the e-commerce world by storm.  

“The nature of having a lot of remarkable products in one place,” said Richard Demb, Abe’s Market’a co-founder, “(is) it’s easier to help people discover new products.”  

ABe's Market also offers a great selection of gluten-free products


Abe’s has an amazing array of products. Under their main categories Baby & Kids, Food & Drink, Hone & Pet and Personal Care, you’ll find things like quality hemp shower curtains, all kinds of fun eco-friendly kids toys, a real variety of gluten-free and kosher products, organic sunscreen and men’s grooming products. Or check out the Gifts section for ideas for that special person or occasion.  

“This is a great resource for Moms (and Dads) who’re concerned about what they’re bringing into their house around young babies (and young kids), says Demb.  

But it’s not about having to sacrifice, Demb added.  

Their customer is “the new green Mom”, he said, who’s more thoughtful of what (she’s) buying and who wants to feel good about the quality of those products. And Abe’s offers something other e-commerce sites don’t – the opportunity to learn about the person and the company you’re buying from.  

My True Nature offers qualtiy bath and body products kids will love


Abe’s attracts companies or “partners” that not only have great natural or organic products but also have a story to tell.  

“A lot of our “partners” started because they couldn’t find a product out there they wanted,” Demb said, “so they created it themselves.”  

Like the founder of My True Nature. After her first child was born, she wasn’t able to find soaps and shampoos with 100% natural ingredients that performed as well as mainstream products and were free of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances or preservatives. So she began producing them herself.  

The profits from Rescue Chocolate help resuce animals in need


The owner of Rescue Chocolate combined her passion for helping pets in need and her love of chocolate. She uses the sales proceeds from her dark chocolate products to support animal rescue charities.  

These stories, says Demb, help customers feel like they’re buying from a person, not a corporation.  

And unlike Etsy, an e-commerce site known for their quality hand-made crafts, Abe’s focuses on what’s in the products they feature. What matters, Demb says, is what those products are made with.  

With the shower curtains, for example, “parents are saying “what’s that smell when I open up the plastic shower curtain” and realizing that’s not good for you,” he said.  

This hand-crafted hemp shower curtain is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic


Some of the products Abe’s carries are very new. And, Demb says, they’re just scratching the surface of what’s out there.  

“We’re building a line,” he said, one customers can trust.  

“There’re people around Abe’s Market who care about the products that you’re buying,” says Demb.  

Fifteen. years ago, said Demb, you’d go to your local co-op and products would be packaged poorly and they’d be expensive.  

At Abe’s Market, “these products work well, are effective and are reasonably priced.”  

Abe’s offers customers several “special” features. On their home page, their partners will offer short-lived special offers (for 24 to 48 hrs), Those can be a 30-40% discount! Abe’s notifies customers on their email list about these, so it’s definitely worth signing up for that.  

Then there’s Abe’s Share it program. If you like what you see at Abe’s, tell a friend and you’ll each get a 10 percent discount on your purchases.  

Abe’s Market plans to keep expanding their product line with top quality natural and organic products. You can find this great resource at Abesmarket.com.  

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