Ecogear’s latest in fashionable eco-friendly rolling bags

Ecogear's new eco-friendly line of rolling bags are designed to meet the needs of young kids


You’ve seen them all around airports – kids proudly pulling their own rolling carry-ons that come in all kinds of colors and patterns geared to appeal to the younger set. 

When it comes to being eco-friendly, though, most of them miss the mark. 

One company has taken this issue on, and done so with a style that even the youngest schoolchild will like. With its commitment to creating affordable,  environmentally-friendly bags, Ecogear has created a new line of rolling bags called EcoZoo

These fun-looking spacious bags – each shaped with an animal’s face – are made with kid-safe materials. These include natural cotton and rope, non-toxic dyes, wooden clasps at the bottom of each bag made from sustainable wood and recycled plastic components. 

Kids will love having a unique rolling bag like the black and white panda, the green frog, the brown puppy and the pink pig.  And in a few months, says company spokesperson Monica Guzman, the company will be introducing their newest “animal” – a monkey! 

Ecogear’s founder, Jimmy Chen, tests out all his company’s products by having his kids use them. This lets him see how convenient and functional they are, and how well they meet the dimensions and needs of a child, said Guzman. 

The EcoZoo bags are versatile too. Their handles will adjust to fit each child’s height and its padded shoulder straps can help transform it into a backpack. Whatever way they use it depends on the heavy books and schoolwork they have to carry. 

The bag is completely open on the inside, with the exception of a small pocket in the back inside. “It can be tailored to anything you want to put in there,” said Guzman. 

EcoZoo is designed for young kids, from pre-school or kindergarten on up to second or third grade. But, Guzman says, “it’s all a matter of preference.” She seen kids as old as twelve to fourteen wearing them in airports. 

“Some people really like them,” she said. 

Cleaning them is as easy as using a cloth or towel and a little soap. Don’t toss them in the washer, because of the handles. A cleaning “pen” would work just fine. 

“(Clean) it by hand and it will keep it in good shape,” Guzman says. 

These bags are just plain adorable. Kids will enjoy using them and adults will enjoy having them around. 

“This product shows the functionality and practicality of eco-friendly products,” Guzman said. “People sometimes think you have to sacrifice – (like) style, something for something that’s eco-friendly. Ecogear is very good at proving (that this) isn’t true.” 

“It’s a high quality attractive product,” said Guzman. “It shows (kids) they can do their part (to help the environment) in a simple way through the thing that they purchase.” 

Currently on sale for back-to-school at $27.50 each plus shipping, these EcoZoo rolling bags are available online at

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