Heathrow Airport to recycle food waste into fertilizer

Food waste at Heathrow Airport will now be processed into nutrient-rich fertilizer for farms


If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all the left-over food at airports, it generally ends up in landfills. But a change is taking place that could start a trend in food recycling.  

London’s Heathrow Airport – which serves food to approximately 180,000 passengers a day, will gather all the food waste from its on-site cafes and restaurants  and send it to a recycling factory of Vertal in Mitcham, South London.  

There, all the ground up egg shells, coffee grinds and such will go through a 72 hour process that will convert it into a nutrient-rich fertilizer. This will then be used on local farms.  

Heathrow will save CO2 equal to around half a million air miles during the first year of this food waste recycling program. This equals out to this world-famous airport reaching 70 percent of its goal of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2020.  

Let’s hope that this step by such a large airport becomes a growing trend. It would definitely make a dent in what goes into our landfills and would provide farmers with quality fertilizer for farmers who normally might depend on heavy chemicals instead.

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