Japan’s annual dolphin hunt sabotaged

Dolphins captured in pens during Taiji annual dolphin slaughter

Nets on holding pens for captured dolphins were cut near the town of Taiji during the annual dolphin hunt. According to a press report,  Japanese police have launched a probe into the matter.

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Ben and Jerry’s – ice cream’s no longer “all natural” thanks to Unilever

Ben and Jerry's - no longer "natural"

Since Anglo-Dutch conglomerate Unilever bought out Ben and Jerry’s in 2000, though there was lip service about no changes being made was given for the sake of long-standing customers, such sadly has proven to be just that – lip service. 

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Target charged with illegal dumping of hazardous products

Target has had a preliminary injunction filed against its retail stores by the city of Los Angeles and California state prosecutors for allegedly dumping hazardous consumer products that were returned or damaged. If found guilty, the retail giant faces civil penalties.

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Safe Omega-3 from the ocean

Approximately 2 million tons of calamari are caught each year to produce calamari rings and fillets for food markets around the world. Almost 200,000 tons of that go unused – either thrown away or used for animal feed.CardioTabs Inc. is turning this massive waste into something healthy and beneficial.

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Ever thought about eco-friendly fundraising? It’s possible

With the current economy and budget cuts, school fundraisers are fundamental – a lifeline keeping important activities afloat.  

Candy, gift-wrapping and magazine subscriptions are generally top fundraising choices. Yet there are eco-friendly, creative, even yummy choices that could support schools being even more successful. 

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China ranks #1 in catch and consumption of world’s fish

China tops the list of nations for overfishing and fish consumption

According to research conducted by the University of British Columbia in collaboration with the National Geographic Society and The Pew Charitable Trusts, China tops the list of countries in the world for annual tonnage of fish caught and consumed.

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Pacific Garbage Patch may be converted into diesel

Over the past year, pictures of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch have made global news. Discussions of what to do about this country-sized plastic debris in the North Pacific Gyre.led to a study to chart it and to Electrolux’s forthcoming limited edition Vac from the Sea. Still, the larger issue of how best to remedy or eliminate the steadily growing garbage “dump” remained.

Now a partnership between Covanta Energy and Project Kaisei – a collaboration brokered by the Clinton Global Initiative – could result in the discarded garbage being processed into diesel fuel. Both Covanta and Project Kaisei  are members of CGI’s Rethinking Waste subgroup, which works on creative solutions to waste management.

This exciting venture is still in the planning stages due to both technological and financial issues. Though an actual expedition is likely years away,the possibility that there is a viable solution to this shameful marine wasteland is both hopeful and enticing. Producing fuel from the Vortex is definitely a story to keep an eye on.

Moving beyond the Reusable Bag and bottle to live Green

The following guest blog is from Ms. Shane Shirley-Smith of EnvironemtnalBooty.com

Okay so you are on board with living a greener lifestyle right? You have your reusable bags and, when you remember, you actually use them. You even picked up a trendy stainless steel reusable water bottle and you’re filling it up before you leave the house and using that too. You are even starting to feel like your efforts to go green are actually saving money on silly bottled water. You’re really catching on to that whole “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” thing and it’s actually becoming less of a cliché and more of a personal goal. Feels good to go green doesn’t it?

Well don’t get too comfortable with your new found Eco-status…there is more we can all do to move beyond the reusable bag and bottle and really live green.

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Making (green) Buildings Safe for Firefighters

Green buildings may present special challenges for firefighters because of new technologies, building materials, and building techniques. That’s the concern Fire Safety and Green Buildings—Bridging the Gap, a new website developed by the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM); a handbook on the topic has also been released. 

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Alcoa receives coveted “Cradle to Cradle” certification

Alcoa Inc.,  leading producer of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina since its founding in 1888, has earned the silver Cradle To Cradle Certification for its primary aluminum.

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