New Jersey to lead the way banning lawn care chemicals

New Jersey may ban lawn fertilizers


One doesn’t generally think of New Jersey as an environmental leader, but that could be about to change. A bill making its way through the New Jersey legislature that if passed would severely limits how residents apply fertilizer would ban many lawn care products on the shelf today. 

Considered the most comprehensive and prohibitive legislation of its kind in the nation by supporters and opponents alike, the bill is part of a legislative package intended to restore Barnegat Bay, a waterway heavily polluted by fertilizer runoff. Passage of this bill could have national implications. 

One of the most controversial portions of this bill would limit the amount and type of nitrogen in fertilizer to a level that can’t be met by any of the products currently offered by the world’s largest lawn care retailer. It would also regulate where and when fertilizer could be used. 

Nutrients from lawn fertilizers create runoff that's hazardous to marine and aquatic life


The debate is fierce on both sides of this issue. Evidence shows that nutrients from fertilizer help weeds and algae grow excessively in water, sapping oxygen and killing off fish and other aquatic life via a condition called eutrophication. Although commercial farms are a significant source of fertilizer runoff, lawns are the largest source of fertilizer runoff in a state dominated by suburban single-family houses. 

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