New device able to disable IED’s with a blade of water

Airman 1st Class Patrick Connolly of Dayton, Ohio, demonstrates the placement of the powerful water disruptor (Image: by Randy Montoya)


Improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, are the number one killer and threat to troops in Afghanistan, according to the Pentagon. That hopefully is about to change. 

A new tool is on its way to Afghanistan that shoots a powerful precision blade of water that’s capable of penetrating steel. This device will be used by troops to help them disable this deadly killer. The fluid blade disablement tool, developed by Sandia National Laboratories researchers, is a portable, clear plastic device that’s filled with water, in which an explosive material is placed. 

The way it works, when detonated, a shock wave travels through the water and accelerates inward into a concave opening.  The water collides, producing the thin yet effective blade. It’s followed by a water slug, which creates a general disruption, tearing everything apart. 

The process happens in seconds and can’t be seen by the human eye. 

TEAM Technologies Inc., the licensed Albuquerque-based company for this product, made its first shipment of about 3,000 new water disruptors to Afghanistan this summer.The company hopes eventually to sell the device to law enforcement and airport security agencies. 

All this is definitely good news for our troops – and for their families back here in the States.


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