Pacific Garbage Patch may be converted into diesel

Over the past year, pictures of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch have made global news. Discussions of what to do about this country-sized plastic debris in the North Pacific Gyre.led to a study to chart it and to Electrolux’s forthcoming limited edition Vac from the Sea. Still, the larger issue of how best to remedy or eliminate the steadily growing garbage “dump” remained.

Now a partnership between Covanta Energy and Project Kaisei – a collaboration brokered by the Clinton Global Initiative – could result in the discarded garbage being processed into diesel fuel. Both Covanta and Project Kaisei  are members of CGI’s Rethinking Waste subgroup, which works on creative solutions to waste management.

This exciting venture is still in the planning stages due to both technological and financial issues. Though an actual expedition is likely years away,the possibility that there is a viable solution to this shameful marine wasteland is both hopeful and enticing. Producing fuel from the Vortex is definitely a story to keep an eye on.


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