Safe Omega-3 from the ocean

Approximately 2 million tons of calamari are caught each year to produce calamari rings and fillets for food markets around the world. Almost 200,000 tons of that go unused – either thrown away or used for animal feed.CardioTabs Inc. is turning this massive waste into something healthy and beneficial.

The world’s only sustainably caught calamari is used to create their Ocean Safe Omega-3 Tabs. Caught for food, the oil is extracted from it, eliminating the waste.

Being sustainably caught means no nets, no deep sea trawling like large commercial fishing operations that end up creating unnecessary drowning of unwanted marine life. These Norwegian wild squid are caught using unbaited jig gear, creating virtually zero by-catch and no contact with the seafloor, so it doesn’t damage fragile deepwater ecosystems.

Most people don’t get enough Omega-3 fatty acids, said Dr. James O’Keefe, a practicing preventative cardiologist, a fellow of the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association Council of Clinical Cardiology and co-founder of CardioTabs.It’s one of the two big deficiencies in the American diet, he said, the other being Vitamin D. Both are essential nutrients that this product supplies “in an eco-friendly, purified, high DHA source.”

We gain tremendous benefits from consuming sufficient amounts of Omega-3.

It helps maintain normal cardiovascular function.

“The cell membrane content of Omega-3 is the single best predictor of sudden cardiac death,” said O’Keefe. A higher dose of Omega-3 not only decreases the risk of heart attack and cardiac death, he said, it also effectively lowers triglycerides.

Omega-3’s help reduce inflammation and the likelihood of abnormal blood clotting. The DHA and EPA in CardioTabs Omega-3 fish oil may also help support normal brain and eye health, O’Keefe said.Want more reasons to begin a regular regimen of Omega-3?

Studies show it improves the function of the automatic nervous system. “(This) helps keep stress hormones down, helps to rebalance that,” O’Keefe said.

An article by Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn in the New England Journal of Medicine outlined a study indicating Omega-3 probably also helps to prevent diseases of aging and cardiovascular disease by slowing genetic aging.

Commercial jig fishing gear uses no nets to harm unwanted marine life or fragile ecosystems

“There’s a lot of data suggesting things like mood, behavior in children, even IQ in children and risk of Alzheimer’s disease are substantially improved and the numbers are substantially reduced in people who have high levels of Omega-3 and take the DHA of Omega-3,” said O’Keefe.CardioTAb designed Ocean Safe Omega-3 – soon to be renamed “Extra Energy Omega-3” – to help protect the oceans from fish depletion. Unlike many ocean fish, calamari aren’t endangered. Prolifically reproductive, you could consider them the rabbits of the marine world. They grow rapidly, reach adulthood and reproduce by around eighteen months and have a short lifespan.

That lessens their exposure to lead, mercury and other contaminants generally found in fish. The fish oil goes through a purification process called molecular distillation, then is independently tested to ensure it meets rigorous safety standards. CardioTabs Omega-3 gives you the benefits without the risk of high levels of toxins and pollutants.

“(The product) is highly purified,” says O’Keefe. “It’s high in DHA. It’s the best tasting Omega-3 I’ve ever tasted.” 

Even young kids will enjoy taking these Omega-3's

Michelle Kruse, CardioTabs’ Director of Sales and Marketing, said her four-year old pops them in his mouth, holds them to soften, then chews them.

Though picky eaters, she said her kids ask for these. 

Omega-3’s great for kids for building new cells in their growing bodies. 

“The (company’s) focus has always been how many people can we effect,” says Kruse, “and how many lives can you change through nutrition and the proper information.”CardioTab Ocean Safe Omega-3’s purity and safety lets Kruse comfortably give it to her young kids.

CardioTab Omega-3 products come in small pill or gel tabs for $34.95 for a month’s supply and are available at

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