Japan’s annual dolphin hunt sabotaged

Dolphins captured in pens during Taiji annual dolphin slaughter

Nets on holding pens for captured dolphins were cut near the town of Taiji during the annual dolphin hunt. According to a press report,  Japanese police have launched a probe into the matter.

The little-known Europe-based environmental group The Black Fish has claimed responsibility on its official website for the attack.

Reports indicate that nets on 7 of the 11 cages holding approximately 50 dolphins caught for the aquarium trade were found ripped. The pens are owned by the local fishery union and the municipal development bureau.

There are conflicting reports whether any dolphins were able to escape the cut nets.

It's estimated over 2,000 dolphins are slaughtered each year in Taiji's dolphin hunt

Taiji’s annual dolphin hunt has drawn world-wide attention since the release of Ric O’Barry’s award-winning film, The Cove.

Each year, fishermen in Taiji herd about 2,000 dolphins into a shallow bay, select several dozen for sale to aquariums and marine parks – the best specimens fetching up to $150,000 US ($54,830A1). The rest are harpooned for meat.

Earlier this month, Ric O’Barry presented a petition to the US Embassy in Tokyo signed by 1.7 million people in more than 150 countries, calling for an end to the hunts.

The dolphin hunt and slaughter has resumed in The Cove.

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