AusPen eco-friendly whiteboard markers

Aus Pen Markers have no odor and can be refilled, unlike standard whiteboard markers

Businesses, schools and organizations have been using dry erase markers for decades. We’ve gotten used to their strong odor and having to deal with dried out tips when we accidentally leave the caps off.

Aus Pen Markers are a more eco-friendly version that performs even better.

Made from recyclable aluminum, AusPen markers use non-toxic ink and they’re fully recyclable, which keeps them out of landfills. They also come with refills so you’ll never run out of ink.

With or without refills, Aus Pen Markers are comparably priced to standard dry erase markers

These markers are pretty impressive. Tested by teachers, they have practically no odor and they’ll keep working smoothly even if you leave the cap off for up to 48 hours! No standard marker I know of can compete with that!!

Ranked #1 by National Geographic Green Guide Magazine’s “Guide to Greener School Supplies”, AusPen Markers have reversible tips to let you create either thin or bold lines.

AusPens are easy to erase, unlike some markers out there. They’re also ISO-9000 certified for their quality and effectiveness.

Ken Lengel, a math teacher at a middle school in northern California, tested the Aus Pen Markers in his classroom.

Order a variety or only one color with Aus Pen Markers

They’re easy to use and easy to refill, Lengel said. And, he said, “it’s nice to know that you’re environmentally responsible (when you use them).”

AusPens come in a Starter Kit, which has 6 standard colors and 6 refills and it comes in a cool looking recycled plastic case. You can customize the colors too. What’s really remarkable is that one starter kit replaces as many as 246 disposable markers!

Want a few less? Try their 6-pack. It comes without refills but the colors can still be customized. For those who only want one color, there’s their 12-pack. All of these come with a choice of Bullet or Chisel Nibs or tips.

Refill you Aus Pens and never run out of ink!

AusPen also sells Refill Bottles, each of which is good for 40 refills.

All in all, AusPen Markers are eco-friendly and economical. They’re  priced less than a comparable package of standard dry erase markers – and they definitely last.

You can find these amazing AusPen Markers online at

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  1. Debra,
    Thanks for this nod! I’m glad you liked your AusPens!

  2. THANK YOU for this list! My child seems to be allergic to everything so I will definitely try some of these ideas. Anything to keep him safe and happy!

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