TerraCycle teams up with Walmart for new trash collection project

In their latest move to increase their upcycling of materials that normally end up in landfills, TerraCycle has partnered with five East Coast Walmart stores to test a new collection system for 28 types of trash that TerraCycle will then turn into new products.

The New Jersey-based company collects waste through their Brigades programs, which not only keep waste out of landfills but bring financial benefits to schools and organizations as well. This new collection system, which began October 1st, will allow anyone to drop off any waste that TerraCycle accepts in converted 20-foot trailers at Walmart stores in Secaucus, Vineland, Deptford East and Lanoka Harbor, all in New Jersey, and Tullytown, Pennsylvania.

This is the second collaboration between TarraCycle and Walmart. TerraCycle’s also previously partnered with Home Depot, Petco, Office Max and Best Buy to test out collecting multiple waste streams.

Perhaps Walmart will expand this project into a nationwide program that will let consumers participate in recycling on a much larger scale and exponentially increase the waste diverted from landfills.

The commitment and creativity of the folks at TerraCycle keeps delivering on the idea that if you can think it, you can do it. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

3 Responses

  1. Brilliant! It’s a total win-win situation. Have to congratulate both Terracycle and Walmart for thinking outside the box. Hopefully their example will lead others to do the same!

  2. I agree with Small Footprints. I also feel that Wal Mart is going to be an integral part in turning consumers green. Hats off to Wal Mart and Terracycle.

  3. Your Article about TerraCycle teams up with Walmart for new trash collection project Envirothink Very superb visual appeal on this internet site , I’d rate it 10 10.

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