Computer memory manufacturer launches a memory card take-back program

Kingston Technology – a leading manufacturer of memory products for computers and other electronics including memory modules, USB drives, SD and microSD cars – has partnered with California-based Electronic Recyclers (ERI)- the largest electronics recycler in North America – to launch the first-ever mail-back program for unwanted memory cards and other memory products.

This program will incorporate ERI’s certified process, ensuring the complete destruction of all the information stored on the memory devices. The company will provide certificates of destruction to consumers upon request.

“The proper erasing of data from memory products has kept many from responsibly recycling their e-waste,” said  ERI chairman and CEO John Shegerian. “Thanks to Kingston’s forward-thinking efforts to work with us and establish this program, this is a problem that has been solved,” he said.

Along with its mail-back option, the program also includes an automated phone system.

To take part in this product stewardship program or to learn more about it, visit

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  1. Kingston memory makes pretty economical RAM upgrades and always have supported their company. So I’m glad to see they have these programs in place.

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