Stonescent Water Diffusers – an elegant way to freshen the air

Ads for air fresheners are everywhere. From sprays to plug-ins, they promise to get rid of annoying smells, to “clean” the air – and they use chemicals and fillers to do it.

The Stonewick fragrance system brings sweet scents into your home in a greener way

Stonewick Fragrance Design has created a unique system to bring pleasant fragrances into your home. Their Stonescent Water Diffusers, their patented porous ceramic ScentSticks and their Pure Fragrances will help transform your home environment.

Simply fill a small vase with 4 to 6 ounces of water, then add four eye-droppers of the fragrance of your choice – there are six to choose from. Place three ScentStick diffusers in the vase. Within minutes, the fragrance not only fills the room it’s in but adjacent ones as well.

The scents are soothing, never overpowering and they’ll last for around six weeks.

Made from natural minerals, ScentSticks look better than reed-type diffusers, said Joanne Klauber, owner of, an online e-commerce business. They release fragrance much faster than conventional wooden reed sticks and their scent lasts four times longer.

Stonewick Scent Sticks are an easy way to refresh the air in your home

“(And) they have an upscale, trendy look,” Klauber said.

After being introduced to Stonewick’s Pure Fragrances, Klauber began blending her own, using Stonewick’s fragrances to produce her ever-growing varieties. She’s created over 360 of them so far.

“The ScentSticks are more worry-free than any other method of re-diffusing,” Klauber said.

When the water evaporates, just add more and the scent comes back. When it begins to fade, add more oil at the bottom of the vase, then place the ScentSticks in to let them soak up the oil before adding more water.

“These were designed to be the cheapest, greenest form of home fragrance,” says Matt Kirkham, part owner of Dallas-based Stonewick.

His company doesn’t use hydrocarbons or unnecessary additives, fillers or chemicals in its fragrances. That’s why they’re called Pure, Kirkham said.

The ever-growing line of Stonewick fragrances

With these products, there’s no used up, petroleum-based fragrance to throw away that would end up in landfills or waterways, and there’s nothing to plug-in, so it’s an energy saver too.

These products have been a hit since they were introduced in November 2009.

Comparing a flower in a vase and their Pure fragrances in a vase, the fragrance is “the closest thing you can get to the flower in the glass,” said Kirkham.

That’s because it’s a layered fragrance, said Tom Daly of Belle-Aire Fragrances, which supplies Stonewick with their custom scents.

‘When you smell a flower, you’re smelling the diffusion of the fragrance oil within the flower,” said Daly. “That’s what you get with these.”

And, he said, the ingredients won’t burn or irritate your skin.

The Stonescent Fragrance Lamp has a handblown look and comes in a variety of colors

Stonewick recently introduced their Platinum Fragrance Lamp with the new Platinum Wick.

The metal wick won’t clog lamps and lights instantly, without the standard 5 to 6 inch flame. Easy to clean, the lamp disperses even more fragrance than the Water Diffuser, adding a touch of elegance with its hand-blown glass look.

The Lamp is based on a 120-year old, very expensive lamp, with a 21st century update.

“It’s safer, cleaner, and easier to use than a candle,” said Kirkham.

Stonewick will premier a newer, cleaner lamp fuel within two weeks, he said, one more compliant with EPA regulations regarding volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). They’ll also introduce six new fragrances then.

“That gives people a LOT of variety to choose from,” Kirkham said.

Klauber has posted instructions on wick lighting, care and storage on her website.

You can purchase these reasonably priced diffusers, ScentSticks, fragrances, lamps and innovative wicks online at or at

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