SpoutOff keeps rain gutters flowing

The SpoutOff downspout system almost eliminates the need to clear out rain gutters!

Clearing rain gutters is a regular, thankless task homeowners face. A new product is quickly making this sometimes dangerous chore practically a thing of the past.

SpoutOffTM is an eco-friendly downspout that reduces the need to clean out rain gutters.

“This product is a head banger,” said Kevin Leahy, the founder and inventor of The SpoutOff. “Guys in the business hit their head and say “why didn’t I think of this!”

The SpoutOff is a removable downspout made up of four components – the “spout”, the “off”, a u-shaped clip and the base.

SpoutOff is an easily removable downspout that lets you keep your feet on the ground

The spout, which attaches to the gutter, hangs down four inches. The top of the “Off” overlaps and covers the bottom of the spout by those same four inches.

Leahy made his outlet four times bigger than a standard outlet – “a key feature,” he said.

A standard outlet is small and has a lip around it that’s notorious for catching debris.

Downspout outlets are usually sealed with either sealant or screws. The SpoutOff has no such lip, no sealant and no screws.

“There’s no place for debris to go but down when it reaches the edge of the outlet,” said Leahy. 

The bottom of the downspout, or the “elbow”, sits on the base, which is screwed into the house. A u-shaped clip is inserted around the bottom elbow and through the base on an angle.

The downspout is overlapped up top by 4 inches, said Leahy, and it’s locked in at the bottom. “The downspout is locked in,” he said.

Cleaning the SpoutOff is as simple as unclipping, walking it down. cleaning the outlet, then placing it back up

Leahy designed the SpoutOff to be compatible with existing rain gutters and can easily be retrofitted.

It’s amazingly simple to use.

“If it’s going to rain,” Leahy said, “you go out, take the clip off, take the downspout down (to the ground), clean it out if need be, then put it back up.”

“(Your) feet never leave the ground,” said Leahy. And, he said, “you do it all in about 30 seconds.”

“People say the rain gutters get clogged,” said Leahy. “But it’s actually not (that). It’s the outlet that’s clogged.”

If the outlet in a gutter is clean, water will always flow out of it, says Leahy, even if there’s debris in the rest of the gutter. But if the outlet’s clogged, water won’t flow out of the gutter.

The WindBreaker keeps the downspout from moving horizontally in heavy wind

“If you can keep the outlet clean, water will flow out of (it),” Leahy said.

Leahy recently created two new products that work with the SpoutOff. The WindBreaker is a u-bracket that attaches about two-thirds up the downspout, around its sides, to keep it from moving horizontally.

“You really don’t need it,” Leahy admitted, but he designed it because so many people voiced the concern about third-story downspouts moving in heavy wind.

The other product is the OFFScreen, a simple screen inserted over the “Off” component that keeps any debris from moving down the downspout. It stops the debris in the OFF. Once inserted, only water will flow through the OFFScreen and go down the downspout.

“This (system) will save your house from water damage,” says Leahy.

The Offscreen keeps debris from getting into the downspout

People go into “gutter denial”, said Leahy, because it’s a pain in the neck to do.

“We’ve made it easy and safe for them,” he said.

“This will make sure rain gets away from the house,” said Leahy.

The SpoutOff is affordable and it’s easy for installers or do-it-yourselfers to install.

The SpoutOff system is available online at TheSpoutOff.com.

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