Seattle to let consumers opt-out of delivery of phone books

Photo by Joshua Trujillo /

Known for often leading the way in environmental innovation, Seattle will now allow consumers to sign up for an Opt-out Registry that will prevent the unwanted delivery of yellow pages phone books.

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Computer memory manufacturer launches a memory card take-back program

Kingston Technology – a leading manufacturer of memory products for computers and other electronics including memory modules, USB drives, SD and microSD cars – has partnered with California-based Electronic Recyclers (ERI)- the largest electronics recycler in North America – to launch the first-ever mail-back program for unwanted memory cards and other memory products.

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Stonescent Water Diffusers – an elegant way to freshen the air

Ads for air fresheners are everywhere. From sprays to plug-ins, they promise to get rid of annoying smells, to “clean” the air – and they use chemicals and fillers to do it.

The Stonewick fragrance system brings sweet scents into your home in a greener way

Stonewick Fragrance Design has created a unique system to bring pleasant fragrances into your home. Their Stonescent Water Diffusers, their patented porous ceramic ScentSticks and their Pure Fragrances will help transform your home environment.

Simply fill a small vase with 4 to 6 ounces of water, then add four eye-droppers of the fragrance of your choice – there are six to choose from. Place three ScentStick diffusers in the vase. Within minutes, the fragrance not only fills the room it’s in but adjacent ones as well.

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TerraCycle teams up with Walmart for new trash collection project

In their latest move to increase their upcycling of materials that normally end up in landfills, TerraCycle has partnered with five East Coast Walmart stores to test a new collection system for 28 types of trash that TerraCycle will then turn into new products.

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AusPen eco-friendly whiteboard markers

Aus Pen Markers have no odor and can be refilled, unlike standard whiteboard markers

Businesses, schools and organizations have been using dry erase markers for decades. We’ve gotten used to their strong odor and having to deal with dried out tips when we accidentally leave the caps off.

Aus Pen Markers are a more eco-friendly version that performs even better.

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