Electrolux Vacs from the Sea – vacuums made from reclaimed ocean garbage

Plastic trash that's washed up on beaches off the coast of Baja, California

There’s a lot of garbage in our oceans.

The majority of it’s plastic. Marine life like sharks, dolphins, whales, fish, even birds mistake it for food and try to eat it, often suffering starvation because they can’t digest it.

Almost all our oceans contain plastic “gyres” – accumulated plastic trash that’s been swept out to sea or been dumped and carried by currents into a swirling maelstrom. Gyres exist in the northern Pacific Ocean (the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) said to be larger than the state of Texas), the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Electrolux Vacs from the Sea collection are made with reclaimed ocean plastics

Swedish-based Electrolux – international manufacturer of quality appliances including their well-known vacuum cleaners – has taken on the issue, launching a global initiative to work with organizations to begin recovering plastic from the ocean.

For more on this story, see http://bit.ly/deRYeM. And to learn more information on Electrolux’s campaign to recover plastic from the sea, go to http://bit.ly/9G4wfL.


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