Hug-A-Plug makes electrical outlets safer

Every year, almost 5,000 Americans die from electrical fires and thousands more are injured. Many of these are caused by electrical outlet overload, but a number are related to damaged electrical cords.

Look around any home and you’ll find crimped or bent cords tucked behind furniture or kitchen appliances, made to fit into household outlets often inconveniently placed. Cords get damaged from crimping or bending, by being caught or punctured by an object like a desk drawer or by hanging heavy appliances or power tools from them. Any of these can create a short that winds up as an electrical fire.

The new Hug-A-Plug is a new dual-plug grounded electrical outlet adapter that lets plugs lie almost flush with the wall. You may think you’ve seen or heard of this type of plug before, but you haven’t.

Hug-A-Plug lets cords like flush against the wall, reducing the risk of electrical fire

“It’s so simple, people are sure they’ve seen this plug before,” said Hug-A-Plug inventor Bob Green.

“If you compare it to any adapter out there,” Green said, (this one is) more versatile – you can do more things with it.”

Green came up with the idea for this plug after realizing he needed a right-angle plug to solve some problems. After much research at various stores and checking the internet, he realized that plug didn’t exist.

Power and standard electrical cords have two problems:

  • there’s often not enough space between the outlet and whatever’s in front of it (i.e. furniture or an appliance) 
  • they can get damaged over time due to being “made to fit”.

Hug-A-Plug was designed to solve both issues.

The Hug-A-Plug is safe for indoor or outdoor use

Green’s background in food service wasn’t helpful for creating this product. He had no background in manufacturing or electricity – none of the expertise in areas critical to inventing this kind of device.

But Green searched out people to ask to find what he needed to know.

Interestingly, he kept being told he couldn’t…

  • The patent attorney said he couldn’t get a patent because “someone has done that before!” (Green now holds three patents on the plug)
  • he was told he couldn’t produce it in the United States and stay competitive.

In the end, Green took his good idea and turned it into a top quality product -–made here in the U.S.

“Every tool that went into making it is made in the U.S.,” says Green – the tooling, the design work and the labor.

Hug-A-Plug is UV stabilized, making it safe for outdoors like plugging in Christmas trees

Green created a safer, convenient plug that reduces the risk of electrical fire and that eliminates wasted space.

Hug-A-Plug only uses one inch of space to connect cords in any outlet. “(It’s) the smallest amount out there of any UL listed plugs,” said Green.

The Hug-A-Plug can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s UV stabilized, making it perfect for plugging cords from ponds or Christmas trees into. Because it’s grounded, you can use it for heavy power tools.

If yours is a multiple cell home, you know the frustration of finding an outlet in use when you want to charge up. With the Hug-A-Plug, you can safely charge two cell phones simultaneously in the same outlet.

Appliances and furniture are no longer an issue. Put this plug behind your microwave or coffeemaker and it doesn’t crowd the countertop. It’s also great for behind a wall mounted plasma TV. You won’t have to worry about bending the cord.

It even works well on a power strip, where connecting bulky equipment and chargers have always been an issue. Hug-A-Plug leaves the power strip free for other devices.

This innovative adapter only uses 1 inch of space, reducing wasted space behind furniture, TV's and on countertops

“You can’t find an adapter plug that has such a small profile… that performs like that one does,” says Green.

Green is working on national distribution for Hug-A-Plug. It is available at some hardware stores and you can ask your local store to get it.

Green says this is the beginning of a new product line that will eventually include quality current taps and adapter plugs that meet various needs. A six-outlet version is already in development.

Hug-A-Plug is currently available online at sites including CyberGuys, Daily Grommet and Or phone their 24 hour order line at 800 630-1740.


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