Father and son capture outer space with everyday ingredients

A view of the blackness of space from the father and son amateur space capsule

Most of us have dreamed of going into space, whether we admit it out loud or not.

This past August, a father and son from Brooklyn, NY, achieved space – via an HD video camera and weather balloon.

Luke Geissbuhler and his seven year-old son Max launched their  homemade “ship” which reached 19 miles (30 km) above the earth’s surface, capturing footage of the blackness of space.

The "capsule" is made from a foam-covered fast food container

Their Brooklyn Space Program project consisted of: 

  • a foam-covered fast food container – to help absorb the shock from a  high-speed landing
  • a camera inside the container with a peep-hole  to serve as a lens
  • hand warmers to keep the battery warm in temperatures reaching 60 degrees below zero
  • a note to “please return if you find this” in case their invention strayed too far off course
  • an iPhone, so the pair could use its GPS to locate the capsule

A view from 60,000 feet up of the Earth

All this was attached to a parachute, to help the package safely make it back down (hopefully) in one piece.

If ever the thought that a dream isn’t reachable flits through your mind, remember – it’s really ingenuity and determination,  plus some fun, are the stuff that dreams are made of.

As dreammaster Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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