EPA expands on clean-up rules for broken CFL

CFL’s (compact fluorescent light bulbs) contain what the Environmental Protection Agency and major retailers consider a “small amount” of powdered mercury in them.

Today, the EPA has updated their policy on how to safely deal with a broken compact fluorescent light bulb, a backhanded way of telling consumers that “small” is still toxic and dangerous.

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Toshiba technology introduces copier that produces erasable documents

Long known for top quality photocopiers, Toshiba  is set to introduce a green copier from their subsidiary Toshiba Tec that creates erasable reusable documents.

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Gifts that give hope (Part 3)

This stunning example of the Leakey Collection is made from sustainable materials by Masai villagers in Kenya

If you still have open slots on your Christmas list or have run out of creative ideas, here’s several other excellent eco-friendly choices that special someone on your list will appreciate.

The Leakey Collection offers a number of beautifully handcrafted pieces made from sustainable materials gathered and made by villagers from Kenya.

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Giving gifts that give hope Part 2

Chicago-based Greenheart Shop creates opportunities to alleviate poverty through your purchases

Continuing with gifts that give back to others, the Greenheart Shop is a fair trade, non-profit shop that carries fair trade and eco-friendly products they purchase from artisans from over 60 different countries, as well as from some groups in Chicago.

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Giving Christmas gifts that give hope – Part 1

Organic Bouquet provides workers in underdeveloped countries with essential services that help improve their lives

This year, with so much challenging so many around the world, why not give the gift of hope and empower those in need.

Consider donating and/or purchase gifts that will make a tangible, life altering difference.

Organic Bouquet provides flowers that are organically grown and certified by agencies like the USDA and the Rainforest Alliance.

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Colorful Christmas ornaments made from recycled plastic bottles

We all know it’s important to recycle those plastic water bottles – and more of us are doing it these days.

But one creative entrepreneur is turning them into beautiful art-like ornaments that would class-up any Christmas tree and make friends and neighbors ooh and aah.

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EPA says saccharin no longer considered a carcinogen

After being ballyhooed in the 1980’s as a potential cause of cancer, saccharin and its salts have now been delisted from the EPA’s list of hazardous substances.

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Natural container refrigerant technology unveiled

Carrier Corp's new cooling system replaces synthetic refrigerants with CO2

Container refrigerant technology has depended on refrigerants that, though improved over the past 14 years, still have a negative impact on the ozone layer.

Carrier Corp., a global leader in in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions – recently announced their newest innovation called NaturaLine, the world’s first natural refrigerant technology for container refrigeration.

This natural refrigerant technology creates a container refrigerant system that incorporates non-ozone depleting carbon dioxide (CO2) in place of conventional synthetic hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants, which have higher global warming potential (GWP). A higher GWP means it contributes to global warming at a higher level. NaturaLine has a GWP of one.

For more on this exciting technological breakthrough, see http://3.ly/PATb.

Eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas

Fiber Active Organics - eco-friendly elegance for the holidays

It wouldn’t be Christmas without bright colored decorations, carols, tantalizing smells and surprises under the tree.

Here are some suggestions for holiday gifts and decoration to create a very special holiday.

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3-dimensional Energy-Efficient Sand Microclimates to Cool Public Areas

Microclimates like these will help cool urban desert areas

Among sand’s many uses – particularly in industrial applications – it’s the key ingredient in the manufacturing of glass, in paint, and even in water filtration.

Now London-based design firm PoslterFeruson has created a three-dimensional architectural structures, called Microclimates, or cooling towers, that will provide a cool respite from the hot desert sun.

For more on this innovative idea, see http://3.ly/53Dh.