Innovative Waterboxx can help make arid lands fertile again

The Goasis Waterboxx holds the key to turning arid lands fertile again



Deforestation and clmate change are two main contributors to the steady expansion of desertification around the globe.

The winner of the 2010 Popular Science Best of What’s New Innovation of the Year may well help to turn this potential global calamity around.

The Goasis Waterboxx is an irrigation-free plant incubator. Most young plants wither and die under dry conditions.  The Goasis Waterboxx – a decidedly low tech,  bucket or doughnut shaped device measuring 20 inches in diameter and 10 inches high – helps plants survive long enough to make it through to the deep reservoir of water that lies beneath the arid surface.

The Goasis Waterboxx lets young plants develop roots that reach deep underground water sources

Pieter Hoff, inventor and founder of AquaPro Holland, created the Waterboxx to mimic Mother Nature.

With the growing awareness of falling water tables and the real potential for a global water crisis, this device holds exciting possibilities for helping to reforest arid lands.

For more on this innovative tool that could help stop desertification across the globe, see


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