Japanese whaling fleet scaled back for this year’s “Whale Wars”

Encouraging news. The Japanese whaling fleet, which traditionally departs by November 19th and returns in April, made a late departure today from Japan with a scaled back whaling fleet.

Seems that the market for whale meat has dropped significantly, with over 5,700 tons of frozen whale meat – almost a year’s worth – still in storage. This has forced the whalers to make drastic cuts in the number of ships due to lack of financing due apparently the reduction in whale meat sales.

The Steve Irwin and Bob Barker leaving port for the 2010-2011 anti-whalng campaign

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, headed by Sea Shepherd Founder and President Captain Paul Watson. said “this year’s fleet is the strongest to date including veteran vessels the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker, with the addition of the newly acquired trimaran Gojira, Japanese for Godzilla.”

Sea Shepherd's newest weapon - the Gojira

The Sea Shepherd fleet left port today from Hobart, Australia for their 2010-11 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation No Compromise.

For more on this story, see http://3.ly/NDQK.


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