Recycled Gift Wrap makes Gift Giving special

As we move closer to Christmas,with thoughts turning to presents and lists, there are some important ecological facts to bear in mind.

Americans generate an added 5 million tons of waste during the holidays. Of this, four million tons are wrapping paper and shopping bags. Worse still, the majority of holiday wrapping paper can’t be recycled because it contains lead and/or metallic materials, which are toxic if burned. So it all winds up in our landfills.

If you thought “that’s just the way it is”, think again. There are a wide number of strikingly beautiful, eco-friendly holiday gift wrap choices. Some are reusable, some are tree-free and all are top quality wraps that will wow the family and friends you’ll be gifting this year.

EllaWrap comes complete with ribbon and wrap all in one

EllaWrap has silky-to-the-touch fabric gift wraps tha you’ll want to use over and over again – or your friends will!

EllaWrap comes with the wrap and ribbon all in one. There’s need for tape and nothing to throw away, so no waste ends up in a landfill.

These elegant looking wraps are made of renewable natural fibers, biodegradable fabric and ribbon and they’re made of recycled materials. They’re lovely to look at and easy to use.

To use EllaWrap, just open the wrap, slip your gift inside, tie the ribbon that’s attached and you’re done. They even give you a note card to go with your gift. Your gift will be extra special when wrapped this way.

You’ll find EllaWrap under “Holiday” online at

Give a Green Bag's gift wrap get their rich colors from vegetable inks

If you’ve never seen handmade specialty paper before, you’re in for a treat. 

Give a Green Bag stationary and gift wrap paper are  rich looking papers and wrap  that hearken back to years gone by when paper had a texture similar to parchment that gave it a touch of class.

Give a Green Bag makes their special papers from 100 percent recycled paper and uses vegetable inks to get the rich deep colors. With a variety of gift wrap and tissue papers to choose from, all of them bring to mind a refinement and beauty you won’t find in any supermarket gift wrap.

You’ll find these beautiful papers online at

Snail's Pace gift wrap are elegant, reusable and recyclable

Snail’s Pace is run by the Monks from Abbey Press Printing, who’ve been in the printing business since 1847 and have a deep commitment to environmental stewardship.

Their gift wrap reflects this philosophy and practice. They use soy-based inks and FSC recycled paper for their stationary, note cards and gift wrap. Even their cellophane-like packaging is certified compostable. Made and printed in the USA, these gift bags and wraps can be used over and over again. Whether you’re looking for something elegant and traditional like their poinsettia print or as simple as their holiday brown paper gift bags, there’s something stylishly simple for everyone on your guest list.

These affordably priced gift wraps, bags and matching note cards are available online at

Fish Lips gift wrap comes in a wide variety of fun designs and colors

If ever there was an unlikely name for a gift wrap company, Fish Lips is it.

Owner, designer, packer and shipper Kimi Chronis has created a wide variety of beautiful designs covering all sorts of colorful geometrics and other special designs.

San Francisco based, Chronis’s holiday fare includes gift wrap and matching note cards. From a smart-looking line of Chanukah wrap to traditionally-themed Christmas paper to her signature Fish Lips paper, these colorful gift wraps are stylish, imaginative, playful and sure to delight.

Be sure to check out Fish Lips papers.

Reusable colorful fabric Lyziwraps are designed to be used for any occasion.

A great alternative to wrapping paper, Liziwraps are adjustable and can conform to any shape gift. Originally designed by an eighth grader for an innovation competition, these wraps are, as the company says, “a smarter way to wrap.”

Colorful Liziwraps conform to almost any sized package

Available individually or in a combination 4-pack, Lyziwraps come in 4 sizes – extra small, small, medium and large. Made of durable nylon fabric or a silk and nylon combination, these fun wraps come in nine color combinations and include a gift card “log” to help you keep track of who you gave them to. Lyziwrap will be a sure fit no matter what the gift.

Reasonably priced, you can find Lyziwraps online.

For other suggestions, try a craft store for some Mulberry, rice or other tree-free papers. Or get burlap coffee sacks from your nearby coffee roaster for those larger gifts. The open weave will let you run a ribbon through the top, drawstring style, and pull it shut.

Any of these are sure to have your gifts look unique and special this holiday.

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