Natural container refrigerant technology unveiled

Carrier Corp's new cooling system replaces synthetic refrigerants with CO2

Container refrigerant technology has depended on refrigerants that, though improved over the past 14 years, still have a negative impact on the ozone layer.

Carrier Corp., a global leader in in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions – recently announced their newest innovation called NaturaLine, the world’s first natural refrigerant technology for container refrigeration.

This natural refrigerant technology creates a container refrigerant system that incorporates non-ozone depleting carbon dioxide (CO2) in place of conventional synthetic hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants, which have higher global warming potential (GWP). A higher GWP means it contributes to global warming at a higher level. NaturaLine has a GWP of one.

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Eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas

Fiber Active Organics - eco-friendly elegance for the holidays

It wouldn’t be Christmas without bright colored decorations, carols, tantalizing smells and surprises under the tree.

Here are some suggestions for holiday gifts and decoration to create a very special holiday.

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