Colorful Christmas ornaments made from recycled plastic bottles

We all know it’s important to recycle those plastic water bottles – and more of us are doing it these days.

But one creative entrepreneur is turning them into beautiful art-like ornaments that would class-up any Christmas tree and make friends and neighbors ooh and aah.

Artist Dale Wayne, who usually works with exquisite glass, has turned to using recycled plastic bottles to create colorful ornaments and bottle stoppers. Wayne and her students at The Geneva School in Winter Park, Florida,   individually hand-craft and paint these unique objects  in bright purples, oranges, pinks and blues.

Wayne got the idea for these sculpture-like objects from her sculptor father, who showed her how to use plastic from soda bottles for some of his work.  Inspired by a Dale Chihuly art exhibit  at the Orlando Museum of Art, Wayne has since created towers, chandeliers and her signature ”Creativity Recycled” Christmas trees the past 3 years for The Orlando Museum of Art’s Festival of Trees.

Wayne says her winter collection marries her love of plastic with her couture jewelry line by juxtaposing what most people consider worthless with something that’s considered precious.

“Transforming ‘trash’ into a design element that will nestle next to my glass, pearls, and semi-precious stone is an image of hope,” Wayne says.

Wayne designs a variety of custom decorative items – for the holidays and all year round use – including table-top arrangements, wine bottle stoppers and custom bridal jewelry.

For those who are craft-inclined, you’ll find easy to follow instructions that will let you run with your imagination to create your own special  ornaments this year.

Wayne’s amazing creations have been featured on NBC, and in a number of magazines and newspapers including the Orlando Sentinel.

To find out more about owning these exquisite ornaments, see

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