Giving Christmas gifts that give hope – Part 1

Organic Bouquet provides workers in underdeveloped countries with essential services that help improve their lives

This year, with so much challenging so many around the world, why not give the gift of hope and empower those in need.

Consider donating and/or purchase gifts that will make a tangible, life altering difference.

Organic Bouquet provides flowers that are organically grown and certified by agencies like the USDA and the Rainforest Alliance.

Organic Bouquet provides workers in underdeveloped countries with everything from zero-interest loans, childcare, healthcare, education, environmental protection and supplies. They’ve also partnered with in a carbon-offset program that supports re-forestation projects in Guatemala.

A percentage of every flower arrangement sold goes to charity

Over 70 percent of the flowers purchased in the United States are grown in Ecuador and Columbia. Organic Bouquet provides a variety of essential services there, including educational assistance in finance, organic and sustainable certification, medical insurance, crop harvesting facilities, trucking systems and community support. Through donations, this non-profit helped a farming family in Columbia become the first organic greens grower in Colombia and the largest USDA certified organic flower producer in that country.

A percentage of every flower arrangement purchased automatically goes to one of fifty-five charities consumers can choose from. The list includes Amnesty International, Green America and the Breast Cancer Fund.

To learn more Organic Bouquet, visit their website at

Plant with Purpose gives hope and empowerment to poor rural farmers around the globe

Looking for other nature-oriented giving opportunities? Check out Plant with Purpose, a Christian environmental non-profit organization.

Most of the world’s poor live in rural areas. Plant with Purpose works with farmers throughout Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. Because of large- scale deforestation, the land and environment these farmers depend on is no longer able to provide the level of productivity they’ve come to depend on.

Gifts of hope through Plant with Purpose come in many ways. Donating $1 plants a tree; $10 will plant an orchard. Since 1984, Plant with Purpose has planted over 5,000,000 trees around the world.

Your donations become orchards, crucial farm animals and micro-loans that help new rural entrepreneurs succeed

Want to give something different? A $30 donation will buy a farm animal that will bring critical nourishment and important income to a family.

Plant with Purpose also offers micro-credit loans to people in developing countries, along with providing business training to help new entrepreneurs succeed. Donations also go to provide Bible study materials to support spiritual enrichment.

Plant with Purpose is also accepting donations to go to the people of Haiti, said spokesperson Kate Nare.

“With the one year anniversary coming up in Haiti, there’s still a great need there,” she said.

To find out how you can make a difference, visit

For more amazing gifts that give back, see Parts 2 and 3. 

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