Toshiba technology introduces copier that produces erasable documents

Long known for top quality photocopiers, Toshiba  is set to introduce a green copier from their subsidiary Toshiba Tec that creates erasable reusable documents.

The concept is fascinatingly simple. The document image is created by using a special toner that loses its color when heated.  Printouts can be reused at least five times, which creates a 60% reduction in carbon emissions. The copier can generate 20 to 30 copies per minute. The downside, according to a report in The Nikkei (Japan’s biggest business daily), is this amazing technological feat will cost 20-30 percent more than standard copiers.

Toshiba has been involved in marketing this type of innovation since 2003 when it first introduced its e-blueTM decolorable printing ink that’s rendered invisible by the application of heat.

Toshiba introduced their "e-blue" erasable printer ink to in 2003

There are a number of questions yet unanswered about this device. What kind of chemicals will be used in this process and are they really eco-friendly?  How much energy will be used? And after its rollout, as its use is more widespread, will the cost come down, making it more accessible for medium-sized businesses? 

Still, with this kind of green copier in use, it’s a step in the right direction.

Toshiba plans to introduce this updated eco-friendly copier to targeted businesses and government entities between October 2011 and March 2012.


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