Best Buy creates “Future Proof” electronics buy back program

With all the advances in technology,that great laptop / tablet you got for Christmas will be obsolete within a year or less.

Best Buy has come up with a solution for those who just have to have the latest and greatest electronic “toys”.

Their Future Proof program will let consumers return their still-working gadgets that are no longer cutting edge but is still in good shape and get some of the purchase price back, depending on when you decide to upgrade. These include cell phones, laptops, netbooks and tablets, as well as TV’s.

Beat Buy will accept tablets, laptops, notebooks and TV's as part of their Future Proof program

When you purchase a new product from one of their retail outlets, simply include the Buy Back program as part of your purchase. When you’re ready to upgrade to a newer model, bring the used one back – within a 2 year time frame (4 years for TV’s) and receive a Best Buy gift card for the company’s perceived value and use it towards the purchase of your newer model.

Looking through the buy-back rate of exchange the retail giant offers, I wasn’t impressed. Should you want to take advantage of the program within the first year of owning your electronics, the deal isn’t half bad, but wait a little longer and the “value” falls significantly. matches businesses with waste materials with companies that can recycle them

Bottom line appears to be that we should accelerate our nation’s penchant for being a throwaway society, but with a “green” veneer of recycling in the mix. Best Buy will send the returned gadgets through their aftermarket and recycling programs, company officials say, thus keeping them out of our landfills. But if you wait for two years or more before  taking advantage of the program, you get nothing in exchange.

So perhaps for those who are holding on to “outdated” devices longer because of the economy or sentiment, the better choice may be utilizing a manufacturer’s take-back program or a program via organizations like:

These are just some of the reputable organizations that will accept e-waste and recycle or upcycle it responsibly and safely, ensuring that none of it winds up in third world country toxic dumping grounds. You won’t receive any monies for using them, but then if you wait two years or more to replace your e-toys, you wouldn’t get anything from Best Buy either, except a great sales pitch.

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  1. Value of computers drop fast, so you can’t poke Best Buy too hard for that. Compare it to how fast your new car loses value when you drive it off the lot. A car hasn’t changed technology in a significant way in 50 years, but that phenomenon is still present.

    Now imagine that x 100% faster because the cellular and laptop technology is changing and improving so fast.

    It’s a reality, and Best Buy and leading OEM’s are at least trying to figure out a reasonable solution. It’s not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    Some good news – there is an interesting line item included in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act noting “conflict materials” as being a target for regulation. Many of these like gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten can be found in electronics.

    This is going to make recycling those old computers a bit more economical in comparison. And, it will give OEM’s one more reason to start their design process with the end of life in mind. Something that didn’t happen at all 10 years ago.

    BTW – thanks for including @RecycleMatch as a resource for companies and large volume generators. Groups like Best Buy or Goodwill who gather large volumes of computers and other items from consumers can turn around and use us to market their waste and recyclables. (We don’t accept anything smaller than a truckload on our market, so no cleaning out your personal closets! That stuff can go on Craig’s List or FreeCycle)


    @BrookeBF from @RecycleMatch

    • Brooke:

      Thanks for pointing out the fact about the rapidly decreasing value of e-products, and the comparison with automobiles. Good points worth remembering.


  2. People should read above article ,this article is very importent for those people who love electronics like Mobiles,Laptop and other valuable electronics things do importent roles in their life
    Future Proof Program it is a wonderful way for recycle the old electronic Items

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