Green for the new year – fundraising, packaging & schools (Part 1)

Green fundraising, eco-friendly innovative ways to package and ship fragile things and ways to support teachers and schools are important topics.  Here are my top picks.

Many of the products I’ve profiled also have a fundraising option. The days of selling candy and magazine subscriptions have earned the right to be replaced with healthful, eco-friendly products.

Creative Toyshop offers imaginative, colorful and eco-friendly children’s toys around. From Lunchskins to their cardboard Calafant line, the fundraising choices will delight takers and boost fundraising efforts. For in-person fundraising, they’ll provide materials, product displays, price lists and samples. For online campaigns, they’ll track sales. At the end of each month, schools will receive a check for 25 percent of sales made. To find out more, go to

The ever popular ChicoBag – with its increasing patterns, colors and styles – has a great fundraising program that helps educate kids and participants about the importance of reusable bags. They’ll provide resources for the campaign, along with a classroom curriculum to help teachers promote environmental awareness with students. There’s no up-front money required and you can return any unsold bags. Your school keeps 50 percent of the funds from every bag sold! To learn more, see

Dean’s Beans has great organic, kosher, Fair Trade coffee and cocoa and a fundraising program to go with it. The company believes kids should sell things with a positive ethical and environmental message. They’ll provide custom order materials for the kids to use and price products so schools can sell them for less than parents would pay for them at their local store. For all the coffee sold, schools get $3,00 per pound and get the money right away it’s collected. To contact Dean’s Beans about their fundraising program, see

TerraCycle’s Brigades are an excellent fundraising vehicle for schools and organizations. For every piece of waste collected for a Brigade, TerraCycle donates $0.02 to the school or charity of your choice.

As of July 2010, Brigade participants can earn a 5x donation credit on their first shipment. That means the first 25 pieces in a large shipment you send in will be credited at $0.10 each. The rest will be credited at the standard rate.  Visit TerraCycle’s website to learn more or to sign up for a Brigade.

Be sure to come back for Part 2.

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