A green 2010-2011 (Part 2) – innovative packaging and supporting our schools

Now that we’re fully into 2011, there are a couple of green stories from 2010 to still take note of. Last year saw amazing innovations, particularly in green packaging and ways to support our public schools  Here then are my picks.

Who doesn’t know about bubble wrap? In use since 1960 and the top choice in cushion packaging, this petrochemical-based product is not eco-friendly.

There’s a more effective, “green” packaging alternative.

Geami – a  two-part, paper-based system – utilizes perforated cardboard-like brown Kraft paper that becomes a three-dimensional, mesh-like honeycomb of angled cells. A layer of tissue then gets laid on top, providing additional cushioning for whatever it’s wrapped around, eliminating the need for tape and preventing items from shifting around.

Available in two sizes – one for commercial shippers and a smaller starter kit that’s just right for individuals – Geämi reduces breakage, allows for smaller shipping boxes and uses less storage space. It’s also something bubble wrap could never be – it’s elegant to look at!  Geämi comes in both brown and white, making it perfect for bridal gifts. You’ll find more on this recyclable, money-saving product at www.geami.com.

Teachers work harder with less these days. A majority of them reach deep into their own pockets to fund needed classroom materials. 

 IloveSchools.com is a national website that matches teachers, schools and school districts with individual, group and corporate donors.

Over 35,000 teachers across the country have registered so far for this amazing online resource. They then build a Wish List for what’s wanted and needed. They can then either shop at the IloveSchools online catalog or request new and gently-used items or in-kind services. They’ll receive a customized, web home page at a permanent ILoveSchools.com web address, with banners, logos and text links to help promote it on their district’s website, in newsletters and in email announcements.

Donors can sign up to “Become a Classroom Friend”, create a webpage and post why they want to help. They can then post things they want to donate and even specify what school, school district or teacher they want to donate it to.

It’s an effective way of giving and making a difference. To register your school or to become a donor, go to www.iLoveSchools.com.

Expect exciting stories of new, cutting edge products and companies making a difference by creating real solutions to important environmental problems. You won’t want to miss any of it!

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