Frito-Lay rolls out new SunChips bag – will it make a difference?

After all the hullabaloo four months ago about the loudness of the SunChips bags, Frito-Lay  has now introduced with what they hope will be a much quieter version.

Their new, 100 percent compostable chip bag uses a more rubbery adhesive to put together the two layers of the bag, according to an Associated Press report. One layer protects the food on the inside and one which carries the logo and labels on the outside. The combination creates a sort of noise barrier.

The new SunChips bag promises to be much quieter

The new bag design dampens the noise level to around 70 decibels, comparable to that of standard chip bags. Check out the video and hear the difference.

Arriving in stores now, the new bag design will initially only be featured on the SunChips original flavor. PepsiCo, who owns the SunChips brand, will take a “wait and see” attitude to determine if the public embraces the new quieter chip bag before rolling it out to the entire chip line.

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