Natural ways to combat potential radiation from Japan

Brown seaweed has been shown to help absorb radiation and produce a compound the body can easily eliminate

Even with the latest news that the threat of radiation from Japan’s nuclear plants is significantly less than first feared. there has been a rush on internet and over-the-counter sales of potassium iodide pills. There are some reports that consumers are hoarding these pills, creating shortages in some parts of the U.S.

There is, however, a more natural remedy – although less well-known in the Western world – that has been shown to be effective .

Brown seaweed has been used in Japan and other Asian countries as a radiation preventative. According to a report by researchers at Canada’s McGill University, “radioactive strontium binds to the algin in brown seaweeds to create sodium alginate.” This  compound is then easily and harmlessly excreted.

Seaweed is easily available and has the added benefit of being nutritious. It even takes pretty good.  If perhaps the West Coast of the US does experience some small effect from a radiation plume making its way via the air currents over the Pacific, reaching for something simple like seaweed is an easy, commonsense and healthy step to take.

Something to consider amidst the continual streaming of bad news coming from Japan.

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