BP declines to give oil spill figures in latest sustainability report

BP tries to ignore the Gulf oil disaster of 2010 in its latest sustainability report

Is BP trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes yet again?

Stating up-front that their latest corporate sustainability report “presents a concise view of how BP is addressing its responsibilities everywhere we operate, including the Gulf Coast region”, the report purposefully disregards the posting of figures from the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster of 2010.  

BP has refused to list any figures from 2010’s worst US environmental disaster. The report states that the reasons behind this glaring omission as:

“…we believe that no accurate determination can be made or reported until further information is collected and the analysis, such as the condition of the blowout preventer, is completed.” 

 “We have not included any emissions from the Deepwater Horizon incident and the response effort due to our reluctance to report data that has such a high degree of uncertainty,” it added.

Although the exact figures from environmental disaster may never be known, reports have guestimated the spill to be nearly 5 million barrels of oil, a large percentage of which has now been discovered lying on the ocean floor. 

The apparent glossing over the enormous scope of the Gulf oil spill in their current report can only be viewed as BP following a “don’t talk about it and maybe they won’t notice” strategy, a path often taken by corporate polluters. Sadly, it’s a case of the public realizing that the Emperor has no clothes.

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