Bic recycles old fridges into pencils

Millions of discarded refrigerators end up in landfills

Many old fridges are piled up in our landfills, adding more toxic chemicals and waste to an already overtaxed waste system.

You may not realized it but refrigerators contain polystyrene (styrofoam).  Though not yet widely accepted for recycling, there is a steadily growing trend to recover this highly usable resource.

French pen maker Societe Bic SA of Clichy, France, has announced they will recover the polystyrene from used refrigerators and recycle it, giving it a new life as a line of sustainable pencils.

Bic will work with Axion Polymers in the UK to create these Ecolution pencils, which Bic says can be sharpened just like regular cedar-based ones with a conventional sharpener.

According to Axion, Bic makes up to 640 pencils from one standard refrigerator, saving 2,300 metric tons in carbon dioxide emissions.

Just another shning example of what a commitment to green and some creative thinking can come up with.

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  1. Love it! Great upcycling example!

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